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by System Administrator - Monday, 22 December 2014, 12:34 AM

By: M.S.Yatnatti: Editor and Video Journalist Bangaluru : Global surveys predict 11% hike in salary and heavy recruitment in first quarter of 2015 . Sunny times in 2015 and more jobs more and more recruitments and more campus offers and Temp and permanent staffing for all as economy recovered from recession. Job scenario in 2015 is opening up good times and good days ahead.Cloud computing IT Security big data mobility and digital transformation topping everyone's to do list times again are good time for ITprofessional and happy times for IT Recruiter andcampus recruitment are here again to bounce back. This is a good time to be in the staffing industry. Economy recovered from recession and economic downturn, the industry is picking up steam again, and future prospects are bright. Temporary and contract staffing services will rise several billion dollar, according to the Staffing Experts of India

Staffing agencies can be very profitable but also come with a lot of responsibility and liability. While it may seem that an agency simply matches employees with employers and collects a billing rate, the agency is also an employer. As such, it bears all the duties, responsibilities, and liabilities of any employer -- only it doesn't directly supervise its employees on assignments. Staffing agencies therefore have a lot of legal and financial ducks to line up before they can really get going.

Competition is also fierce.  When placing a resume on a job site, it is not uncommon for a candidate to get calls from 10-20 different staffing agencies often for the same positions.  The hiring managers will set the companies against each other to find the qualified candidates faster and also use it for negotiating leverage.  It is very overwhelming for a candidate to keep track of who is submitting his/her resume to whom, and as companies have complete record of staffing companies who sent who and who sent first wherefore question of mismanagement in the system does not arise."  The reason for this is that if a company receives the same candidate from different companies the first company or the company giving advantage gets the preference, and hiring companies cannot be violating the agreements they have with the staffing firms. And even it may end up one candidate getting multiple offer letters and candidate will choose for whom he should respond. Few companies will take business risk and appoint them on their roll and then do staffing business as they will have candidates on their rolls.

Types Of Staffing Services; Now that you know, in the very broadest sense, what a staffing service is, let's discuss the different types. Here they are: Temporary staffing services make up the largest chunk of the staffing industry and are the type of service we discuss most in this guide. Temporary staffing services supply client companies with workers on a short-term basis, either to fill in for absent employees or to supplement existing staff during particularly busy times. Long-term staffing services, also known as "facilities staffing," specialize in placing employees in long-term assignments, for indefinite periods of time. Project-related assignments, such as those found in the professional and technical sectors, often require long-term staffing. Temp-to-perm staffing services are often combined with a temporary staffing service. A temp-to-perm staffing service offers clients a chance to try out a worker on a temporary basis and to hire that worker later if the client wishes to do so. Although it's important to understand the distinctions between these types of staffing services, keep in mind that the lines between them have become indistinct and, in fact, have nearly disappeared. Many services do all these types of staffing.

Marketing Plans: One of the most difficult aspects of starting a staffing agency is that you need both recruits and clients to make deals happen. Your inventory is human and the supply is not guaranteed. You will need comprehensive recruiting plans to get employees, and at the same time, comprehensive client marketing plans. If you have one without the other, you still have no business and if you go too long without delivering to either, you lose credibility.Think through your target market, including how to attract both clients and recruits while differentiating yourself from your substantial competition. Keep in mind that competition doesn't just happen at the local level, but that there are national giants who compete in every market no matter where they're based.