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by System Administrator - Wednesday, 16 August 2017, 7:17 AM

By: M.S.Yatnatti: Editor and Video Journalist Bengaluru: The metro station is coming up very fast and construction is reaching its final stages but BBMP has failed to provide connectivity to 8 big layouts by construction of railway under bridge connecting metro station opposite R V College. BBMP and BMRCL chief engineer should take immediate steps as for this administrative approval and technical sanctions are given by Railways and not by BBMP and BBMP is only sponsoring authority and accounts officer cannot raise objections for payments despite Government and BBMP approvals .Chief Accounts officer (head office) BBMP has not released the centage amount to SWR (Railways Department) Despite Proforma bill with documents submitted were submitted by EE (RR-RI) BBMP and railway under bridge for LMV and pedestrian( RUB)opposite RV College and Metro station was included in BBMP Budget and UDD issued orders 25-02-2017 . Request to fast track the construction of railway under bridge for LMV and pedestrian( RUB)opposite RV College as Metro station is coming up very fast opposite RV College .Issue orders for release of Centage and funds for cost sharing as requested for by SWR for New Location opposite RV College RUB in lieu of LC No.10 between Nayandahalli and Kengeri at KM 10/300-400 opposite RV College and Metro Railway Station . It is pertinent to note that State Human right commission had issued an order in respect ofrailway under bridge for LMV and pedestrian opposite RV College Mysore Road .While hearing the RTI appeal filed by me Mr KT Nagraj chief engineer projects conceded demand of residents of 8 layouts for a rail way gate or railway under bridge for LMV and pedestrian wrote a letter to Dy chief Engineer Railways accordingly BBMP and Railway Executive engineer did joint inspection and gave feasibility report and it was sent to chief engineer projects BBMP for further processing the needful action.. Ministry of Railways concerned over loss of innocent lives in incidents taking place at railway level crossings is working on a comprehensive scheme to eliminate all level crossings in the Indian Railways system expeditiously in a phased manner.

Minister of Railways Shri Suresh Prabhu in his Railway Budget  2016-17 had announced that "Mission Zero Accident” and "elimination of unmanned level crossings” formed a 'sub-mission' of this. It was announced that Indian Railways intends to eliminate all unmanned level crossings on Broad Gauge in the next 3-4 years for which innovative financing mechanisms are being developed. There are total 28607 level crossings in all in Indian Railways. Out of which 19267 level crossings are manned and 9340 level crossing are unmanned. Out of the total unmanned level crossings, around 6388 level crossing or on broad gauge network and  need priority attention for elimination.  Remaining 2952 unmanned level crossings exist on Meter-Gauge/Narrow Gauge network. The traffic density movement on a particular level crossing is defined by the concept called Train Vehicle Unit (TVU) which is multiplication of 'number of train units' by the 'number of road vehicle units' passing through that level crossing in 24 hours period.  Indian Railways is endeavouring to eliminate all level crossings on Broad Gauge in a phased manner by either of the following methods.   i.   Closure  Closing unmanned level crossings having NIL/negligible Train Vehicle Unit (TVU).   ii. Merger - Merger of unmanned level crossing to nearby manned/unmanned level crossing or subway/Road Under Bridge (RUB)/ Road Over Bridge (ROB) by construction of diversion road.  iii. Provision of Subways/RUBs   iv.  Manning  - Phased manning of unmanned level crossings, which cannot be eliminated by above means. v. Unmanned level crossings on Meter Gauge/Narrow Gauge will preferably be eliminated during gauge conversion.Thrust is on for construction of rail over bridge, rail under bridge and manning the unmanned level crossings to prevent accidents any one at opposite RV College Mysore Roadat KM 10.300-400(Near R V College Bus Stop)There are a total of 28,607 level crossings across the country of which 19,267 are manned and 9340 are unmanned. The official said of the total unmanned level crossings, around 6,388 are on broad gauge network and need priority attention for elimination to achieve the "zero accident” target. The unmanned level crossing opposite RV College need to be removed on priority and provide manned level crossing as daily thousands of people cross it without caring to their lives and they are helpless. This unmanned LC is going to be Feeder to Metro station coming at RV College .Immediate provision of level crossing is the priority asMetro station is coming at RV College . Their major demand is Railway Under Bridge FOR LMV and pedestrians opposite RV College .Land is already acquired by BDA and approach road exists on both side .They want a simple magic box railway under bridge which can be constructed in just few days time and without much expenditure and it will solve 15 years demand .They also welcome a fly over being planned at LC 10 but it will be of no help to III block residents and it might take 10 years to complete.