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by System Administrator - Monday, 17 July 2017, 12:27 AM

By: M.S.Yatnatti Editor and Video Journalist Bengaluru : Reportedly Big data jobs are trending in every industry, and employers recognize the value of this exciting field as they scramble to fill positions."Big data is getting bigger by the day...""Big data is getting bigger by the day and the avenues for continued growth are readily apparent in everything from consumer marketing to biotechnology research,” say IT experts. Companies in every field - from online retailers to health insurance carriers - need skilled employees with the technical know-how to transform all of that data into meaningful information that can boost their profits. A growing field like this offers a whole slew of career opportunities for those who want in on the action.The term "big data" is somewhat abstract in that there is no formal definition of the field. However, there are several positions that fall under this umbrella. And when it comes to these big data jobs, the current demand drastically exceeds the supply, according to market research and experts believes employees with solid experience in this area will have their pick of job opportunities from large companies and leading start-ups alike. Ready to get in on the action? Let us introduce you to a few of the up-and-coming big data jobs. Learn a bit about what each of these positions entails, the earning potential and the projected growth.You never know -- one of them could end up being your future job title!

1. Data analyst Salaryrange (2017): $77,500-$118,7502Projected job growth (2016-2017): 3.8% .These problem-solvers spend their days analyzing data systems, creating automated systems for retrieving information from the database and compiling reports. Though they work closely with other members of their team, data analysts should also be comfortable taking the reins and working independently. 2. Database administrator Salary range (2017): $98,500-$148,5002 Projected job growth (2016-2017):3.6%.Database administrators tackle the day-to-day work of managing a company's database. This includes handling updates and modifications, maintaining safe backups and ensuring the database remains stable. If you're detail-oriented and would enjoy working on a team to keep a database running smoothly, this is one job you should keep your eye on! 3. Data scientist Salary range (2017): $116,000-$163,5002 Projected job growth (2016-2017): 6.4%.Data scientists analyze raw data and present their findings to business leaders so their company can make smart decisions going forward. They need both technical skills and business savvy in order to use data to make recommendations about trends and actions that could lead to business growth. Anyone who thinks analytically and prefers the corporate side of the business world should seriously consider this big data job. 4. Data architect Salary range (2017): $131,250-$184,0002 Projected job growth (2016-2017): 4.1%.Data architects are the team members who understand all aspects of a database's design, from the inside out. They work with big data engineers to create data workflows that achieve their company's goals, and they're responsible for designing and testing new database prototypes. These valued data pros also put their creative skills to use as they turn business directives into database solutions. If you like thinking outside the box, this big data job could be the perfect balance for you. 5. Database manager Salary range (2017): $122,250-$177,0002 Projected job growth (2016-2017): 3.7%.These creative tech professionals are expected to understand the big picture of database technology. They lead the data team and maintain their company's entire database environment, along with standard management duties like adjusting their department's budget and managing personnel. If your tech savvy comes with a strong dose of leadership and people skills, this may be the perfect big data job for you. 6. Big data engineer Salary range (2017): $135,000-$196,0002 Projected job growth (2016-2017): 5.8% .Big data engineers are the mediators between business executives and data scientists. These stellar communicators make sure data scientists understand the company's major goals so they can put data to work in a way that achieves those objectives. In addition to helping the engineering team process data in accordance with business goals, they also handle large amounts of raw data and evaluate new data sources. This is an ideal career choice for a strong communicator who possesses a healthy balance of business smart and technical know-how.As you can see, this growing field is full of potential--so don't miss out! Big data jobs come in all shapes and sizes, it's just a matter of finding the one that best aligns with your skills and interests. Big data has become a pillar of the IT world, which is why many institutes and many MOOCS have incorporated data analytics coursework into their course curriculum.1Salary ranges and job growth percentages came from the Robert Half 2017 Salary Guide for Technology Professionals. Job descriptions based on the Robert Half Technology Job Description Glossary. 2Salary data represents national, averaged earnings for the occupations listed and includes workers at all levels of education and experience. This data does not represent starting salaries and employment conditions in your area may vary.

Let Indian IT Companies service Digital India domestic market also instead of depending on US market alone . India will remain the world's fastest growing information technology (IT) market in 2016 as it is reportedly it has spent more than $72 billion on IT services, products and hardware, up from 7.2% from the current year, according to research firm Gartner Inc. Trump can be trumped after all he is a businessman and his decision can be taken as blessing in disguise . Indian IT companies have visa independent global delivery model where it reduced the total effort onsite (at the client location) in a project from about 30% on an average to just 10%. "Andthis 10% will be delivered by local hires. Indian IT is also likely to find significant support among its US customers. The Indian software industry, has largely been responsible for building as well as maintaining the information infrastructure of most large US corporations. It plays a very critical role in the success of US corporations,that tampering with it wouldn't be easy.IT companies conducted several pilots and all of them were very successful,"The global downturn and "Buy American and hire American” theory has brought along with it new opportunities. It is for the industry to identify the opportunities and move ahead," Indian IT companies can hire American and sell American and make killing profits in America as American IT companies hire Indian and sell Indian and make killing profits in India . "Make in India American products” "The Indian industry will continue to do well if they learn that there are no easy pickings any longer." And that's true of all companies, irrespective of their size..The US was teaching all countries Globalization and now suddenly talking localization "Buy American and hire American”. Investors from around the world, including in the City of London, will be listening carefully for how America'sDonald Trump is set to sign an executive order to overhaul the H-1B & L-1 visa programmes, which let tens of thousands of Indians work in the US, drove tech stocks down and sparked speculation in the IT sector about an uncertain future