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by System Administrator - Thursday, 13 July 2017, 11:38 PM

By : M.S.Yatnatti: Editor and Video Journalist Bengaluru : Sri Gopi PK has old Badge Number 911B Mhalaxmipuram and New Badge Number 66 11 Malleshwaram and presently in unauthorized absence in Environment officer Malleshwaram Sub Division Parsi Garden Kabbaddi Maidan 12th cross swimming pool extension Malleshwaram Bangalore-560003 Phone : 080-23469887Mobile - 9480685461 . I shall file Lokayukta complaint if no action is taken against him as he is in unauthorized absence for several years and proofs were got and given under RTI and till today no action was taken on my application. Request is made to take necessary steps to dismiss him from the BBMP service as per CCA rules. In BBMP anything can happen. Instead of taking actions officers are wasting their time in calling me for an appeal hearing on RTI appeal .Executive engineer Mahalaxmipuram has called for hearing on 20-01-2017 and 28-01-2017 .It is reported that many people remain absent but BBMP officers are not taking any action on them and salaries are paid despite they are notified. One such case is reported here as eye opener for BBMP . I have filed several RTIs and no action is initiated to take action on unauthorized absence despite several notices were issued..But such PK is given and allotted a house despite he is an absentee..Under RTI I had asked to provide me information and his service book extracts with date of appointment and reasons for the delay in taking action as per KCSR and rules against Sri Gopi (911B) for his unauthorized absence and despite several notices were issued and few copies are provided with this application and reasons for releasing his salary July or September 2016 despite his absence. If you failed to take action against Sri Gopi (911B ) we shall initiate lokayukta complaint against all officers supporting illegal absenceof Sri Gopi (911B ).The BBMP officers had replied me that and confirmed that he indeed is an unauthorized absentee according to RTI reply given to me on 30-10-2015 .I had filed one more RTI Applcation too provide me information and reasons for the delay in to cancel the allotment made in the name of Sri Gopi Sheshadripuram house Number 11 old swar lane PK Colony sheshadripuram serial number 7 as per your per order dated 08-09-2016 as he is in unauthorized absence for several years and proofs were got and given under RTI and till today no action was taken on my application..This house was already allotted to Smt Venkatamma vide order dated B 10 IR(N&W) 27 78-79 Dtaed 25-08-1978 and since then she is staying there with her family and she is in possession and all such poura Karmikas were given possession certificates and sale deeds registered in their names and few are pending as per Government order UDD99MNG2000in respect of Sale of BMP quarters to its occupants.BBMP is the "public authority "is under obligation to provide information "PUBLICLY” under section 4(1) (a) (b) (c) (d) RTI Act 2005 .

According to the Circular No. DPAR 30 SSR 79, dated 17th April 1979 in respect of Un-authorized absence of Government servants, Instructions regarding Quick Disposal of enquiry cases the following instruction was issued by DPAR. It was come to the notice of Government that in several cases in which Government servants have remained absent unauthorisedly, either no action has been taken against them or in some cases where action has been initiated, it is done after a lapse of considerable time. Unless timely, steps are taken in such cases effective disciplinary action cannot be taken against the erring officials and the posts held by these absentees remain vacant causing considerable dislocation of work as it would not be possible to post substitutes in their places. A Government servant does not cease to be a member of the services to which he is appointed or sever connections with the post held by him by reason of his un-authorised absence unless action is taken aganist him by the appointing authority / competent disciplinary authority under KCS (Classification, Control and Appeal) Rules 1957 and he is removed or dismissed from service after conducting an inquiry in accordance with rules 11 and 11A of these rules. Normally it should not take much time to hold an inquiry and finalise action in accoradance with rule 11 and rule 11A of the KCS (Classification, Control and Appeal) Rules. If the Government servant refused to receive notices / orders of the competent authority, the procedure laid down under rule 28-A of the KCS (Classification, Control and Appeal) Rules could be followed conveniently and if necessary, and ex-parte inquiry held aganist him and final orders passed removing or dismissing him from service if the charge of un-authorised absence is established. The Secretaries to Government and Heads of Departments are requested to take necessary action in the matter and bring these instructions to the pointed notice of appointing authorities / disciplinary authorities under their control, and see that delays in instituting / finalising inquiries in such cases are avoided. Any delay in taking action in such cases would be viewed seriously and the concerned officer who has failed to take action or delayed taking action will be held personally responsible and disciplinary action would have to be initiated against him for the lapse.