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by System Administrator - Wednesday, 12 July 2017, 4:20 AM

By: M.S.Yatnatti: Editor and Video Journalist Bengaluru: Effective planning of career need that you keep a spring loaded boot in your feet apparently you can re-boot with spring action and bounce back with simple steps from job loss. Reportedly losing your resent job is very hard. It may dents your self-esteem; it's tough on your bank account; and if you're not smart about your next steps, it can derail your future career. Aside from getting back on the horse and looking for a new job, what else should you do to get back on track? How do you maintain your self-confidence? Who should you talk to about the situation? And how should you frame the layoff to future employer's tough questions to handle smoothly. You may have simple steps or complex steps to bounce back from a job loss before you jump to another job take some time to grieve and weeping and then analyze what went wrong with job and then look at your positive sides and approach your network support system managing your finances effectively .Increase your visibility in job portal and social media and "Make sure your social media profile is up and running” take care of yourselves and identify with your core skills and acquire new certifications in demand and as stop gap think of freelance jobs and be creative .

Reportedly Cashing in on the spreading fear about recent layoffs, especially in the IT sector, racketeers are cheating people of lakhs of rupees after offering them fake job offer letters, purportedly from big firms like IBM and Wipro, among others.According to reports six cases of job fraud were registered with Bengaluru cyber crime police station in June alone, taking the total number of such cases to 25 since March 25. Scamsters are estimated to have siphoned off nearly Rs 2 crore.The biggest fraud involved a Bengaluru youth falling prey to a fake placement offer at US auto major Tesla and shelling out Rs 24 lakh. Besides, 50 more complaints of job fraud involving loss of smaller amounts too were registered. Police investigation revealed that the fraudsters pick targets mainly from job portals and lure them with lucrative but fake job offers from behemoths from IT, aviation, automobile, hospitality and other sectors."The culprits register as employers or consultants in various job portals and fish out resumes of job seekers containing email IDs and cellphone numbers. They then pose as HR executives from big companies and even overseas recruiters and approach the victims via phone or email, offering them good positions in their firms,and theu usefake mailers.In another case registered, the complainant received an email claiming to be from Wipro and offering him a position in Bengaluru. Taking it for real and as a backdoor entry to the dream job without interviews or aptitude tests, the victim transferred the money the fraudster demanded. He realised he had been conned only after reaching the Wipro office to report to work. "The complainant argued that the emails were indeed sent from Wipro and realised the truth only after IO demonstrated some fake mailer options online used by crooks. Top companies like IBM said they never ask candidates to deposit any money in lieu of job offers. "We don't authorize external parties or individuals to conduct job drives or extend offer letters on our behalf. No letter of appointment is sent via email but can only be accessed through the IBM Candidate Portal by individuals using a unique ID and password," saidVP Human Resources, IBM India.

Wipro also pointed out that under no circumstances are job aspirants required to pay cash or any security deposit for placement at their firm and if anyone approaches the candidates for money for Wipro jobs, the matter should be taken to police. Instead of falsification of resumes the employees who are affected with laying off or who are removed or sacked aresuggested to newacquire skills in demand or get new online training and online learning in moocs and get new certifications or treat themselves as bench employees without salary and work from home for few companies or work for open source projects and get real certifications .Given the present scenario of 1% growth in job creation and increased concerns of a lull in hiring, experts says falsification of resumes may only increase. "General Motors' decision to stop selling cars in India, Tata Motors firing nearly 1,500 people, Cognizant laying off more than 6000 people and the IT sector freezing recruitment and sacking employees and the pace of job creation will all see falsification of resumes increase in the coming months,". Reportedly "There's a full-fledged business in Hyderabad and Bengaluru. They charge Rs 15,000 to Rs 30,000 to give false experience letters and a premium to even verify on phone or email. In news papers both types of news reports appear .one news is about "bemoaning the lack of job creation in the IT industry” and news is an advertisement looking for UX/UI designers, full stack web developers, data scientists, data visualisers and Java coders .This advertisement strongly validates that what we have been seeing around us for some time now is in today's digital age, consumers and business are now embedded in technology. And more technology means more jobs. Not less. Besides, technology is a great leveler. It recognizes no caste, creed or colour. Just consumers and competence. Reportedly Indian investment in tech is only set to rise with number of initiatives like Digital India, which the government estimates will swell to $1trillion by 2024, up from $270 billion today. Today, India's technology investment as a percentage of GDP is well below 1%, compared to a global average of 2.5-3%. With Digital India, technology investments will accelerate significantly and this will generate new employment and many new microentrepreneurship opportunities.

IT companiesneed to spend theirenergy in creating a new learning culture so that they can train more people to use software as a tool, more people who can create must-have applications, or build insights from analytics, or create smart visualisations, or even train computers to behave more intelligently. Companieshave to create micro-entrepreneurs who can use technology-abled skills to provide digital services to rural and semi-urban India. Job growth in such a scenario will never be a concern. This istime to re-imagin  and recalibrate and succeed . According to reports the recent IT layoffs have spurred software professionals with three eight years of experience towards having multiple skills in their kitty . E-learning companies reportedly have seen a surge in the demand for their courses in specialized areas like analytics, product management. Looking for a change in job roles, system engineers, developers and those in testing are looking at other avenues. "Professionals with management profiles are shifting to product management. "Those with over five years of experience, i.e. mid-level executives and project managers, are taking up courses in UIUX (user interfaceexperience), machine learning, artificial intelligence and micro service architecture. Cybersecurity is another sought-after course.The sought after courses aredigital marketing , data science and sales force Professionals are not secure about their jobs anymore because of the recent layoffs. However, this environment is providing a big opportunity for lakhs of white-collared professionals to move out of their comfort zones and up skill themselves to remain employable .Automation and digital transformation has created an adapt-or-perish scenario.