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by System Administrator - Friday, 30 June 2017, 10:20 PM

By: M.S.Yatnatti: Editor and Video Journalist Bangalore: According to reports , Hundreds of citizens living safe and secure in their dream''gated communities' may be jolted to know that the BDA has suddenly woken up and has started redefining the term. The civic agency does not recognize these islands of privacy that have come up across the city. For the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike too these gated premises are illegal.The civic agencies declare that these are nothing but unauthorized settlements and cannot be excluded from the rest of the city through a mere boundary wall.But urban experts say that civic agencies have no right to comment as it is they who have issued occupation certificates. They say that these private layouts are no different from government quarters.How did these layouts come about? "In our rulebook, there is no concept of gated communities. The developers take permission for the formation of layouts and construction of residential blocks. But they cannot block part of the layout from public access. That is not allowed in the laws and amounts to gross violation," says BDA. Every layout is required to earmark space for parks, roads and areas of common use, say authorities. These roads and parks inside the community come under the civic authorities, hence these communities can't claim exclusivity, they say.Builders do admit that there is no term called a gated community in the bylaws, developers use it for convenience purpose.

Gated layout within BBMP jurisdiction are illegal and unwarranted and against the law .As administration cannot allow few people to have gates and other few people not to have gates for their layouts.But Bnaglore itself can be gated for security reasons. Earlier in the history concept of Agasi Bagilo was in existence in all cities and towns. It is time to built gatedTowers with all modern gadgets for Bangalore and monitor the traffic coming in and out of Bangalore for security reasonsinstead of gates for few layouts and no gates for few layouts in Bangalore .In its modern form, a gated community is a form of residential community or housing estate containing strictly controlled entrances for pedestrians, bicycles, and automobiles, and often characterized by a closed perimeter of walls and fences. Gated communities usually consist of small residential streets and include various shared amenities. For smaller communities this may be only a park or other common area. For larger communities, it may be possible for residents to stay within the community for most daily activities. Gated communities are a type of common interest development, but are distinct from intentional communities.Given that gated communities are spatially a type of enclave, Setha M. Low, among other anthropologists, has argued that they have a negative effect on the net social capital of the broader community outside the gated community. Some gated communities, usually called guard-gated communities, are staffed by private security guards and are often home to high-value properties, and/or are set up as retirement villages. Some gated communities are secure enough to resemble fortresses and are intended as such.Features: Amenities available in a gated community depend on a number of factors including geographical location, demographic composition, community structure, and community fees collected. When there are sub associations that belong to master associations, the master association may provide many of the amenities. In general,the larger the association the more amenities that can be provided. Amenities also depend on the type of housing. For example, single-family-home communities may not have a common-area swimming pool, since individual home-owners have the ability to construct their own private pools. A condominium, on the other hand, may offer a community pool, since the individual units do not have the option of a private pool installation.Typical amenities offered can include one or moreSwimming poolsTennis courtsCommunity centres or clubhousesGolf coursesMarinaOn-site diningPlaygroundsExercise rooms including workout machines ,Spa.Apartment Complexes can have Gates: "For a property measuring up to 20,000 sq mtr or 4.95 acres, a developer need not have to obtain a development plan. Only building plan is required. Once the building plan is obtained, the developer can build boundary walls and call it gated community.Township and Layouts cannot have gates:However, in the same property, measuring up to 20,000 sq mtr or 4.95 acres if the builder develops a residential layout, then the roads will be relinquished with the civic agencies and it becomes a public road.'' Thiers is no confusion on the definition ofgated citizens as apartment complexes are not layouts or town ships as defined in the Act..