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by System Administrator - Thursday, 22 June 2017, 11:17 PM

By : M.S.Yatnatti: Editor and Video Journalist Bengaluru : UNIVERSITIES the world over are struggling with the digital disruption. universities have a choice. They can remain content merchants, and die or they can transform in knowledge brokers and thrive.The IT Enabled classrooms of the today will not be propelled by school and college administrators but by the young learners. Today's learners require new dynamics and new direction which facilitate active learning and new teaching strategies. Conventional classrooms have to modify and co create existing spaces to provide adaptable, multi-use configurations and new pedagogies. According to experts , the 10 signs are technology, integration, collaborative environment , opportunities to create an expression, inquiry based approach, justification for answers, writing for reflection, use of problem solving methodology, hands-on-learning, teacher as facilitator, transparent assessment. universities were never in the content business but in the knowledge business. Without the platform of content, bringing students to the desirable levels of understanding was impossible, degrees to provide first content and then, for those who pursued higher degrees, greater insights and understanding of the discipline. That content is now so readily available is, in experts opinion, a blessing; universities can now concentrate on the business of creating and inducing meaning.

Digital technology and computers have revolutionized education .Class rooms need to have BIG TV screens with HDMI Slot to convert them into PC. Students or class rooms can have Laptops. The advent of computers has changed our very existence .These machines have evolved from being a mere luxury to an essential and indispensable part of our education . We need the computer in its varied forms of laptops and tablets, to communicate, learn, explore, transact and even access knowledge. No wonder then, that computer literacy is looked upon as an integral part of our education process. The institution of higher learning can easily provide hardware .When question of software's comes every institution has no funds for commercial software's to purchase them and also keep them purchasing new versions every year . KPN unlimited technologies Bengaluru is planning to provide unlimited portable OS and portable Apps loaded PC Sticks and Pen drives which students and teacher can carry in their pockets and convert any class room into their subject computerLab by just plug and play at very affordable prices.Universities in India need to convert every class room into a portable lab .Each teacher and Each student can convert into his subject lab and use it by using portable apps and portable OS without affecting the basic hardware. Portable Apps andPortable OS can be carried in their pockets. The higher education in India is getting revolutionized with use of BIG TV Screen (which can be converted into a computer by Compu Stick or PC Stick )as black board in class room and each student with a lap top or a desk top .This is the basic hardware that need to be provided in each class room.KPN unlimited technologies Bengaluru is planning to provide each subject teacher and each subject students with portable Linux OS and portable Linux based Apps of his choice and with this each teacher and students can convert it into his subject lab by using potable OS and portable Apps provided by KPNUT .These apps can run from any portable device (a thumb drive, CD, DVD, portable hard drive or other device Compu Stick ) without needing to be installed directly on the hard drive of the system you're using. You can visit or contact for your proposals and a quote or for choice portable OS and portable Apps on CD/DVD or Pen Drive or on Compu Stick or PC Stick or Micro SD card with choice of your open source software portable OS and portable Apps loaded PC Sticks and Pen drives according to your subject needs. KPN unlimited technologies Bengaluru will load required potable app on USB or Comput Stick OR pc Stick with required Portable App andPortable OS . IT is considered as an enabler for Indian to transform itself from a developing country to an industrialized nation. IT has left an immense impact on the nature and structure of higher education in Indian and will continue to play a prominent role in its future. KPNUT presents to the readers how IT utilization has enabled the country to offer quality education to its citizen in-line with the requirements of its labor market and the Net generation. KPN Unlimited Technologies is a vibrant company whose activities span over diverse areas within the broad realms of information technology. KPN Unlimited Technologiesis a Privatecompany with professionals teamed up to offer the ITindustry a radical growth.A place where imaginative minds have the opportunity toexplore new ideas and implement cutting edge solutions.Our professionals are constantly abreast with the latest technology and are proven leaders in redefining industry standards with new products.