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by System Administrator - Wednesday, 25 February 2015, 11:27 PM

By : M.S.Yatnatti: Editor and Video Journalist Bangaluru : Complete digital transformation with outsourced Labs and Excellence in technology that enhances teaching, learning and research and outsourced Labs is present and future of Digital Universities Education..Time is ripe .Educators need to adopt the technologies to impart education. Online education clubbed with outsourced Lab are the future of education .You agree or agree not to agree. This is a reality written on the walls on universities .Entire teaching and learning revolve around minds Getting and sustaining their attention and interest holds the key to success in this tricky process.Teaching and learning can be tech enabled. Smartphone's tablets desktops laptops computers have become class rooms Library laboratories and research centers and playgrounds and virtually become everything..Sakai is a vibrant, international community that collaborates to create technology that enhances teaching, learning and research. Member organizations include large universities and small colleges, K-12 systems, hospitals, government organizations, research societies and political parties. In 2004, four leading U.S. universities, together with Jasig, the parent organization of the uPortal portal framework, began a collaboration to combine and synchronize their assorted learning software into a collection of integrated, open source tools.

Heavy Demandfor Online distance learning: Online government are possible and run then why not online education .Lot of teachers are trained to teach online and many teachers teach US students from India. When central government is providing TABLET computer and smart phones to every students at very affordable cost and 3G connectivity is available and online education is becoming reality through videoconferencing and video call. A new era of online education is dawning India and abroad .The LABS are outsourced to study practical's in engineering and science education for distance learning students without sacrificing quality of education. Engineering education through distance learning will make poor students to study engineering without botheration of huge donations /corruption / hurdles of entrance examinations and provide equal opportunity to study engineering and MHRD need to really commend the efforts of many universities in this respect. There is an increased use of virtual classrooms (online presentations delivered live) as an online learning platform and classroom for a diverse set of education providers. E-learning comprises all forms of electronically supported learning and teaching. The information and communication systems, whether networked or not, serve as specific media to implement the learning process. The term will still most likely be utilized to reference out-of-classroom and in-classroom educational experiences via technology, even as advances continue in regard to devices and curriculum. E-learning is essentially the computer and network-enabled transfer of skills and knowledge. E-learning applications and processes include Web-based learning, computer-based learning, virtual classroom opportunities and digital collaboration. Content is delivered via the Internet, intranet/extranet, audio or video tape, satellite TV, and CD-ROM. It can be self-paced or instructor-led and includes media in the form of text, image, animation, streaming video and audio. Abbreviations like CBT (Computer-Based Training), IBT (Internet-Based Training) or WBT (Web-Based Training) have been used as synonyms to e-learning. Today one can still find these terms being used, along with variations of e-learning such as e-learning, Elearning, and eLearning. ICT Information Communication Technology brought Government's online by e-governance initiatives, banking online, Businesses online, Telemedicine is all set to revolutionize healthcare as it link patients from small hospital to the urban specialist and now universities online are all set to revolutionize education and research.