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by System Administrator - Sunday, 14 May 2017, 4:09 PM

By: M.S.Yatnatti: Editor and Video Journalist Bengaluru: Congress has leadersship and Congress will bounce back with renewed vigor under the leadership of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi . K R Venugopal AICC general secretary, in-charge of poll-bound Karnataka is appointed giving three point agenda spend more time in Karnataka forge unity in the party and retain power in Karnataka .In Karnataka Dalits are number one in population as reported in Media . Congress has power .In Karnataka SC left are deciding factors in many constituencies in Karnataka and reportedly CM and AICC Leaders requested to give Cabinet Berth to Sri RB Timmapur in Karnataka Cabinet headed by Siddramaiah as state is going to general elections in 2018 and SC left are not given proportionate representation as given to SC left right.. AICC vice-president Rahul Gandhi described the dalits as reed ki haddi'' (spine of the Congress) and said they required the escape velocity of Jupiter'' (the speed that an object needs to be travelling to break free of a planet or moon's gravity)to achieve success.

Political dynamics changed in the Congress after a media leak on the caste census.The reports said dalits form the largest community in the state with 1.48 crore (Scheduled Castes 1.08 crore and Scheduled Tribes 40.45 lakh) and followed by Muslims (70 lakh), Lingayats (65 lakh), Vokkaligas (60 lakh), Kurubas (45 lakh) and other backward classes (95 lakh). The Congress has to either appoint a dalit or a candidate backed by Siddaramaiah, who enjoys the support of Muslims and backward classes, as the KPCC chief..Contrary to popular perception that there is mass migration from rural areas during drought, the government on Saturday said the state managed to stop the exodus this year with its flagship free rice programme.With nearly 1.08 crore below poverty line families being given 7 kgs of free rice per person every month under the Anna Bhagya programme, the desperation to move to cities to earn a decent meal has ended, according to CM Siddaramaiah and his cabinet colleagues."The state has been reeling under severe drought for the past three years and 164 taluks have been hit by drought this year. Yet, mass migration is not happening as the Anna Bhagya programme ensured that around 4 crore poor people can eat peacefully without worrying about food," Siddaramaiah said at the Janarige MananaJanarige Namana function.Describing it a successful programme that feeds 3.5 crore poor people in the state, law minister T B Jayachandra said Anna Bhagya should become a role model for other states in tackling drought.

The scheduled castes (SC) and tribes (ST) in Karnataka together constitute 23.5% and account for 18% reservation in government and educational sectors (15% for SCs and 3% for STs). But the reportedly SCs left are more in numbersas Right Hand (Holayas) and Left Hand(Madigas) are distinctly identified.There is no deficit of dalit leaders across political party lines in Karnataka with the Congress having a surfeit who are heavyweights. In the vertical divide among the dalits though the Left SCs population is more in Karnataka, they feel the Rights have cornered most benefits in jobs and education. Hence, even if a leader were to emerge the sub-identity of the Dalit comes to the forefront to suppress the individual.Discontent in 'left' group of SCs may cost congress dear in 2018 election if congress do not give proper representations to SC Left . Congress need to be in social media with full power. The spokespersons have to be selected carefully. Dynamic people with good presence of mind are required to tackle the questions of the media. The way they answer the questions largely determines the impact the party has on the general public.

"The 'left' group plays a decisive role in Bellary, Chitradurga, Raichur, Tumkur, Gulbarga, Bijapur and Bagalkot Parliamentary constituencies. What is wrong in fielding candidates from the group in three constituencies?”asks a political expert . "Considering the population, the Congress should have fielded candidates from the "left” group in at least 18 of the 36 Assembly constituencies. According to statistics made available by "left” group leaders, of the total population of 5.20 crore (2001 Census) in Karnataka, the SC's share is 1.20 crore. The Left group being identified as "Yedagai” forms major chunk with a population of 60 lakh (50 per cent), the "right” group, popularly known as "Balagai”, has a population of 40 lakh (35 per cent). The remaining people of the community come under Lambani, Vadda and Korama communities of SC.