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by System Administrator - Thursday, 13 April 2017, 11:03 AM

By : M.S.Yatnatti Editor and Video Journalist Bengaluru :Roti Kapda Makaan are the basic needs of human being . If a poor and destitute person is provided at least one wholesome meal in a day, He or she has a chance to face the challenges of her hard life. Roti trust an NGO operating in Bengaluru completed its first anniversary on 09-04-2017 of providing free food to about 300 patients attenders every day and daily at SDS Tuberculosis and Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Chest Diseases Super Specialty State Referral Hospital .On this occasion a programme was organized by Roti Trusts in association withSadbhavana trusts to commemorate the occasion. On this occasion Janasadbhawana launched mission safe Bengaluru in association with Bangalore city police to create public awareness, under public police partnership  (p.p.p)"for safe & crime free society or reconstruction of society. Many experts would suggest Janasadbhawana should create an atmosphere and urge all police people and Rowdy sheeters if any ,Government officers ,Corporators and Ministers and MLAs other important personalities and businesses should wear body wearing cameras for creating a safe Bengaluru.

On this occasion Jansadbhawana civil society award 16-17 were given to eminent personalities for their contribution to civil society.Sri Sri Sri Shivanubhava Charamurthy Shivarudra Maha Swamy Ji.Belimutta Mahasamsthana Bangalore, Karnataka. India.Winner of 'Janasadbhawana civil society national award 2016-17' for "NATIONAL PEACE SOCIAL HARMONY "FOR HIS DEDICATED WORK ON RECONSTRUCTION OF SOCIETY..Mr.M.S.YatnathiEditor in chief, Sunny Times.Winner of 'Janasadbhawana civil society national award 2016-17'"CIVIL AND SOCIAL JUSTICE "For his yeoman service for CIVIL Rights and Social justice on his dedication Mr.Syed Mohammed Iqbal General SecretaryKarnataka Muslim Mutheda MahazWinner of  'Janasadbhawana civil society national award 2016-17'"NATIONAL PEACE AND SOCIAL HARMONY" Moulana Hanif Afsar  AzeziImam ,Masjid E Beopari ,Bangalore .JANASADBHAWANA CIVILSOCIETY NATIONAL award 2016 -17 WINNERFor his dedicated service for" PEACE AND SOCIAL HARMONY"in different communities Mr. Azhar Maqsusi.(SANI WELFARE FOUNDATION. INDIA)FOR "JANASADBHAWANA CIVIL SOCIETY NATIONAL AWARD 2016 / 17. WINNER"SERVICE TO HUMANITY "For his yeoman service for fèeding one time free hygienic water and food to homeless and destitute in different places of the nation on Humanity and Nationality interest, "HUNGER HAS NO RELIGION & AGE" BY DO ROTI CAMPAIGN. Dr. Shashidhar Buggi,Director.T.B. & SDS HOSPITAL JANASADBHAWANA CIVIL SOCIETY NATIONAL AWARD. 2016-17  WINNER,"SERVICE TO HUMANITY "for his relentless dedicated service in medical and social harmony as Director of established a medical college with good and accommodation and helping poor patient's in national and international level with his gentle heart on Humanity and Nationality interest. T Gulab Fiaz Akram Pasha and other members of the Roti charity trust and Sadbhawana trust were congratulated and praised for their service to humanity.Dr Mumtaj Ahmad Khan chairman Aura education society graced the occasion. Dr MUMTHAZ AHMED KHAN is also national president of (AIUPASA).All India Universities Partners, Affiliated Colleges and Study center association (AIUPASA) is a registered Association promoted by leading Educationists, Academicians ,Philanthropist and media personalities seeking to improve the well being of the universities partners, affiliated colleges and study center general and public through the awareness of education. AIUPASA wishes to achieve its goal by supporting and disseminating education and quality based knowledge. (AIUPASA) is the voice of universities partners, affiliated colleges and study center and authorized admission centers and admission councilors in general and Students and public Education professional in particulars. Mr. MUMTHAZ AHMED KHAN president of (AIUPASA).I would suggest The Roti Charity trust slowly should extend its reach to all hospitals in Bengaluru and even scout for crowed funding and CSR funds from Begaluru companies to extend its operations .The companies in Bengaluru should provide their CSR contributions to such trusts who feedpatients attenders every day and daily at hospitals in and around Bengaluru. The evolution of corporate social responsibility in India refers to changes over time in India of the cultural norms of corporations' engagement of corporate social responsibility (CSR), with CSR referring to way that businesses are managed to bring about an overall positive impact on the communities, cultures, societies and environments in which they operate. The fundamentals of CSR rest on the fact that not only public policy but even corporates should be responsible enough to address social issues. Thus companies should deal with the challenges and issues looked after to a certain extent by the states.Among other countries India has one of the oldest traditions of CSR. But CSR practices are regularly not practiced or done only in namesake especially by MNCs with no cultural and emotional attachments to India. Much has been done in recent years to make Indian Entrepreneurs aware of social responsibility as an important segment of their business activity but CSR in India has yet to receive widespread recognition. If this goal has to be realised then the CSR approach of corporates has to be in line with their attitudes towards mainstream business- companies setting clear objectives, undertaking potential investments, measuring and reporting performance publicly.

Under the Companies Act, 2013, any company having a net worth of rupees 500 crore or more or a turnover of rupees 1,000 crore or more or a net profit of rupees 5 crore or more has to spend at least 2% of last 3 years average net profits on CSR activities as specified in Schedule VII of the Companies Act, 2013 and as amended from time to time. The rules came into effect from 1 April 2014.SEBI, as per its notification on August 13, 2012, has mentioned that enterprises are accountable to the larger society and "adoption of responsible business practices in the interest of the social set-up and the environment are as vital as their financial and operational performance". SEBI has mandated the inclusion of Business Responsibility Reports as part of the annual reports of the Top 100 listed entities based on market capitalization at BSE and NSE. It is mandatory to make these reports available on the website of the company. In 2016, SEBI extended this requirement to the Top 500 listed companies.