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by System Administrator - Friday, 4 November 2016, 11:40 PM

By : M.S.Yatnatti Editor and Video Journalist Bengaluru : It is a fact that recruiters post fake jobs advertisement on job portals ; this isjust to get a 1000 or more resumes and then to sell it potential employers but this is some time beneficial to jobseekers as ultimately they are benefited . Job seekers are advised not to pay any advance money to recruiters for their services. So many researchers on the subject found out that it was true; people are selling resumes off job boards and portals .

Be alert as a job scam occurs when someone offers you a fictitious job opportunity, typically through a false website or unsolicited e-mail. The victim is often asked to provide personal information and/or payments to the solicitor. If you get a job offer that seems like it's too good to be true, be sure to do your homework - it probably is. Scammers are beginning to use well-known brands to entice job seekers to apply to their fictitious positions.

It has been observed and reported and alleged that that certain agencies/individuals have been making job offers on behalf of Accenture, in exchange for money. Important notice about careers at Accenture is published at Accenture website .Accenture has not authorized any agency, company or individual to either collect money or arrive on any monetary arrangement in exchange for a job at Accenture. Accenture's criterion for hiring candidates is merit. Any agency, company or individual offering employment with Accenture in exchange for money is misrepresenting their relationship with Accenture, which has not authorized any such action .Accenture reserves the right to initiate police complaints against any individual or entity that is found to be engaging in such an act. Accenture is not obliged or bound to honor any job assurances made through such means, particularly in exchange for money. Accenture has appointed professional recruitment agencies to extend / offer employment to Accenture, subject to those candidates possessing the relevant skills. If you are approached by any entity or individuals who demand money or any other form of compensation in return for a job offer at Accenture - even if they present themselves as representatives or employees of Accenture - please send us the details at now sends out digitally signed offer letters to candidates who are shortlisted to join us. These offer letters contain a unique reference number on the bottom of the first page in the document. A candidate can check the authenticity of the offer letter by visiting the site and providing the required information. For any clarifications, do reach us on

According to press reports , Accenture plans to hire about 100,000 people in FY16 and spend as much as $1 billion on acquisitions, as it invests in new technologies at a scale that far outstrips its Indian rivals. At its investor conference in New York on Wednesday, Accenture outlined its strategy for its financial year ending August 2016."Last year we hired roughly 100,000 people. Though the number isn't set for this year, we expect to hire roughly in the same range,” David Rowland, chief financial officer at Accenture, told investors and analysts.At that pace, Accenture will remain the second-biggest employer in the IT industry. Tata Consultancy Services had overtaken the company in headcount in 2013, a title Accenture has since taken back.

Reportedly TCS' hiring, the most aggressive among Indian IT firms, will be around 65,000 in FY16, falling far short of Accenture's recruitment. TCS' financial year ends in March.Accenture is also beating its Indian IT rivals in the amount of money it is deploying for acquisitions. Rowland said the company, which spent about $850 million on acquisitions in FY15, had estimated it would spend between $900 million and $1 billion on acquisitions in FY16. Accenture also said it would focus its business on three 'new' technologies -- digital, cloud and cyber security, which together contribute $10 billion to its top line or a third of its overall revenue.Accenture plans to hire nearly 100,000 in FY16, spend $1 billion on acquisitions

Reportedly the investments and hires are creating a dramatic gap between Accenture and its Indian IT competitors, one that they will struggle to close unless they get more aggressive, analysts have said.Accenture ended the last financial year with $7 billion in revenue from its digital business -- which includes interactive, analytics and mobility. To put that into perspective, Wipro had $7.1 billion in overall revenue in its financial year ended March. TCS has said it had close to $2 billion in digital revenue in the last financial year.

Accenture's digital workforce has now expanded to 36,000, CEO Pierre Nanterme told investors. Nanterme also batted aside questions about competition in its digital business. "I would say that in our digital and operations business, we are the market makers. I spend a lot of my time looking at the competition, but there I would say we make the market. Our competition in digital is very fragmented and isn't doing what we are doing,” Nanterme told investors.Analysts have been pointing out that Indian IT firms could be left behind by Accenture's aggressive moves in the space.

"Tuck-in acquisitions are likely needed to fill critical gaps in the digital value chain. There has to be a greater degree of co-operation and flexibility in working with heterogeneous partners in the ecosystem. Indian IT is tech savvy, but much less partnership savvy,” Viju George, analyst with JPMorgan, reportedly said in a July note on the digital opportunity for India firms.He added that Accenture was aggressively cementing its partnership with players of varying size across the digital ecosystem and in its merger strategy.

Traditionally job interviews are regarded as the platform for recruiters to assess the candidate applying for the job, the trend is reversing with the candidates asking many questions about the job to ensure they are applying for the right position. The questions not only help the candidates assess the job for their interest, this also provides a great cue for the recruiters to assess the candidates on their aptitude for the job.

Accenture, found online at, says that they are one of the world's leading organizations providing management consulting, technology, and outsourcing services.Started in the 1950s when General Electric installed their first company computer system, Accenture has since grown both in the size of its company and employees as well as the scope and variety of the services they offer.Currently Accenture employs more than 260,000 people in offices located in more than 200 different cities in 54 countries around the world. People who are interested in career opportunities with this company can check out for open positions and potential employment circumstances.When companies and corporations started heavily relying on computer systems, Accenture was primarily a technology consultant and systems integrator. But as computers became more sophisticated, so did the services offered by Accenture.One of the ways Accenture branched out was to work hard to create specific technological and processing solutions for government computer systems, in addition to business systems, though their business solutions still make up the core of their business.In the 1980s they started offering business solutions with the purpose of aligning a company's technology, processes, and people with the strategies of the businesses themselves.Accenture's main goal today is to give companies whatever technological and strategic solutions they need to collaborate with their clients in order to help them become high performance businesses.Business owners who are interested in the business solutions that Accenture may be able to offer them can look at their website for more detailed explanations of what their company can offer you in terms of consulting, technology, and outsourcing.Their website has conducted research on how improving these areas of your business can help you become more successful and more profitable. If you think their solutions can work for you, you should contact the company directly to see how these solutions can be personalized to your needs.