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by System Administrator - Tuesday, 1 November 2016, 10:55 PM

By: M.S.Yatnatti: Editor and Video Journalist Bengaluru: Congress need new slogans and new energy and new alliances .Reportedly sources involved in planning the political strategy of soon-to-be Congress president Rahul Gandhi say that the 45-year-old Congress heir's objective is "to ensure that Narendra Modi become a single-term Prime Minister", rather than Rahul himself becoming the fourth member of his family since 1947 to become Prime Minister. A key adviser said, "Rahul has age on his side, he can wait till 2024 before taking over the government." His strategists say that "the willingness to hand over the baton (of Prime Ministership) to another leader from a different party will give an advantage to the Congress in the post-poll negotiations likely to follow the 2019 verdict". What has changed for Rahul Gandhi is that "The CP (Congress president, i.e. Sonia Gandhi) has finally woken up to the fact that the veterans advising her are out of tune with the times". These sources claim that "during 2013 and in the run-up to the 2014 elections especially", Rahul Gandhi was "deeply frustrated by the adherence of his mother to the counsel of the traditional politicians surrounding her". Things began to change after the May 2014 defeat, "the scale of which convinced Sonia Gandhi that it was time to divest the traditional politicians in the party of their power" and trust Rahul Gandhi. "The rise of Modi showed that the culture of politics in India has changed, yet throughout the rise of the Modi phenomenon (during 2011-2014), the Congress functioned as though it were back in the 1970s". The party organisation therefore "failed to connect with the aspirational middle class voter, while the Manmohan Singh government was in their perception disconnected from the poor", thereby losing out on both voting blocs.Reportedly Rahul Gandhi's strategists believed that the party's pre-election focus on Modi was a "mistake", and that it was done to "consolidate the minority vote", which instead went in several states to other parties. However, they feel that a concentrated focus on the Prime Minister will now pay dividends. "The goodwill for the BJP is concentrated on Narendra Modi, and if this goodwill disappears, so will that for the party", said a key strategist, who pointed to the Delhi Assembly election results as indicating that "confidence of the electorate in the BJP is falling". The effort will now be to show that "Modi's words do not match his deeds, and that once in office, this has become obvious". They will constantly remind the electorate of promises made and not kept.

Mr M.S. Rajshekhar (Extreme Right) most popular congress face in Karnataka fromLingayat community who is since 1983 a active congress worker is doing hectic lobbying for chairman of boards for himself and camping in New Delhi many times in meeting all AICC Leaders and KPCC Leaders . Reportedly Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has convinced AICC vice-president Rahul Gandhi to give a fair share of these posts to legislators. The process of appointment of heads for government boards and corporations has been delayed as Rahul had approved the proposal and was keen to reserve these posts for party workers as part of the plan to reward those working hard to build the party. Siddaramaiah explained the need to assuage the hurt feelings of senior legislators in the larger interest of the party ahead of the 2018 Assembly polls. Sources said names of about 20 legislators have been approved for appointment as heads of various boards and corporations.They include Malikaiah Guttedar, Shivananda Patil, M T B Nagaraj, R V Devaraj, B R Yavagal and Rahim Khan. Siddaramaiah wants to fill 70 to 80 posts, bulk of them going to party workers.Mr M.S. Rajashekhar, most popular congress face in Karnataka from Lingayath community is in forefront of meeting Smt. Sonia Gandhiji, (AICC President) all AICC Members, KPCC President and our Hon'ble Chief minister of Karnataka Sri.Siddaramaiah and hopes that they all will give him opportunity become chairman, as he is young and senior leader among Lingayath Community . The competition is getting more intense in ruling Congress party, With barely one-and-a-half years left for the next state elections, there is a demand in the Congress to accommodate more people in not just boards and corporations, but commissions as well. The long-drawn-out appointments to boards and corporations in Karnataka are likely to happen in a few days as Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and the State Congress president G Parameshwara reportedlysubmitted a list names to the party top brass.Both the leaders met party vice president Rahul Gandhi and Karnataka in-charge general secretary Digvijay Singh and submitted the list of names for appointment as chairmen of  various boards and corporations."Rahul Gandhi reportedly approved the list and told the leaders that it will be released after the final approval from Congress president Sonia Gandhi,” sources said. Rahul is learnt to have advised the duo to appoint members to these institutions on their own.Theseappointments will be made for the remaining period of the government's tenure.  

Mr M.S. Rajshekhar, most popular congress face in Karnataka from Lingayath community who is since 1983 as active congress worker held various party posts, worked as City General Secretary in DCC, Protocol and reception committee and worked as observer in Bellary Elections during 1999 in which Smt. Gandhi won the elections and Assisted Party leaders in Panchajanya Yaathra under leadership of Sri SM Kirishna and Sri Gulam Nabi Azad, Patron member of YMAC and life members of Sheshadripuram Educational Trust, Ex-Member of DRUCC Bangalore Railway Division and Honorary president of RTSA Association of Karnataka and YTSK Association of Karnataka , and Patron of Prajashakthi State level social service organization and helping SC ST people in the state like BBMP Poura Karmikara makkala kshemabhivruddhiSangaha and Bangalore Mahanagar Palike S C Workers co-op society Ltdand "BBMP Poura Karmikara sangha and Arogya Gangman Gala Sangha”and educational organaisation like AIUPASA and served the party sincerely in all elections and rendered service to the party at all levels has requested Smt. Sonia Gandhi, AICC President after meeting her in New Delhi to consider his request and make him chairman of Board even helped Smt. Gandhi by gathering legal content in respect of Herald case from experts and sent the content and material to Smt Gandhi and Oscar Fernandez to help prepare for winning the case which is pending in court. Mr M.S. Rajashekhar most loyal and trusted congressmen.