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by System Administrator - Saturday, 20 August 2016, 3:47 PM

By: M.S.Yatnatti: Editor and Video Journalist Bengaluru: Bengaluru is higher than sea level and water flows from one lake to another through the canals and these have vanished after urbanization and these have been taken over by road side dfrains and urban topography has changed over the time and now you cannot locate those canals and they have replaced with urban drainage systems.Those who are in settled positions BBMP need to give them compensation before demolitions of their buildings as law of limitation applies and they are owners by adverse possessions Almost all those who will lose their houses are also losing their life savings. Human Rights activists have come down heavily on the recent arbitrary and ad-hoc demolition drives taken up the government without giving any thought about rehabilitation for the displaced citizens. It is necessary for the government to create a record of destruction, which is not being followed here. Errant people cannot be satisfactorily hauled up in a court at a later stage if there are discrepancies and question of compensation for limitation Act violations by BBMP. It should follow all laws related to rights and related to its demolitions rights .Human rights cannot be violated while demolitions .Reportedly A 30-year-old pregnant woman's house was demolished, she was left standing with tears in her eyes. Her family had built their modest house on a small lane off Bannerghatta Road, a posh IT area in Bengaluru. The woman and her husband had built the house with all municipal permissions. They had an approved plan and a local document called A Khata, that gives a property tax identification number. Based on such approvals the house had gotten water and electricity connections. Now the family has no place to go.The state government has failed to use locally available software talent to develop new maps and make these available to citizens online. Instead it has decided to use the 1905 British map, with the consequences outlined above.

Drainage system: Several hundred buildings have been demolished by BBMP engineers alleging that they had encroached Rajakalve .But this will not solve the Bengaluru water drainage problem.The blunder committed by urban planners .No wide and deep drainage systems is planned as per requirements of city growth. As there is urgent need to close the polluted lakes at the same time big new drains need to constructed to drain out the storm water outside Bangalore .As you widen the roads at the same time you need to widen the drains to drain out the water outside the city . The drainage system is an essential part of living in a city or urban area, as it reduces flood damage by carrying water away.Fundamentally, the existing infrastructure and drainage system in the city cannot handle the excess water whenever there's a downpour. Originally, stormwater drains in Bangalore were designed in keeping with the three valleys that run across the city --- Vrishabhavathy, Hebbal and Koramangala-Challaghatta. They served the purpose so long as the population of the city was within a certain limit. The unprecedented growth of Bangalore, unaccompanied by the necessary infrastructure, has precipitated problems of a large magnitude. The city drainage system comprises major drains which need to widenedas you are widening roads , roadside drains and shoulder drains need to be widened , otherwise all of which get overburdened during the rainy season and city may sunmerged like Chennai disaster happened recently. .

LAKES "KERE” are breeding grounds of the dengue aedes mosquitoes in urban areas "close them”.As there is urgent need to close the polluted lakes at the same time big new wide and deep drains need to constructed to drain out the storm water outside Bangalore .Urban planners only given thrust on wide roads and fly over's without deepening and widening storm water drainage system which makes many urban cities to submerge during rainy season. Be it the impact of climate change and global warming or something else, we must be prepared for changes in temperature and untimely rain and floods. Without catchment areas and down steam farming areas Kere and Small tanks have become stagnant water bodies and breeding ground for mosquitoes and such urban water bodies need to be closed and convert them into open grounds and urban forests. Earlier to urbanization every Kere and Tank bund had huge catchment area to provide fresh water and through tank bund water was flowing in downstream providing water for irrigation and drinking purposes and lake should be retained only in agricultural and green belt areas only..In view of urbanization no catchment area exists as it is already converted intobig layoutsand there by Kere and Tank became dried and dried Kere and Tank also were converted into layouts as no water exists there and today government demolishing the buildings in such dried Kere and Tank bund was an illegal exercise ,Government should ask the technical experts to make research on the subject as even live Kere and Tank bund does not have huge catchment area to provide fresh water through tank bund and water is stagnated and stagnated water mixed with sewage water has become breeding ground for mosquitoes and they spread dengu and other diseases to all Bangalore population.