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by System Administrator - Sunday, 17 July 2016, 11:29 PM

By : M.S.Yatnatti: Editor and Video Journalist Bangalore : Political science subject is very big than people see it from out side.BJP under estimated the internal power of congress party crises and political managers .Congress party is one which has many political masters and have many crises managers . AICC secretary Jayakumar coordinated with Tuki who negotiated with the rebels after agreeing to step down , Tuki credited "Sonia's message" for the success. Pulling off an improbable coup to outmaneuver BJP, the Congress won back the entire rebel flock in Arunachal Pradesh to save its government in the state just when it looked like a lost cause on the previous day . The swift developments, unfolding hours before Tuki was to take a floor test, saw all the 30 Congress rebels, including Pul, returning to the fold.This boosted the Congress tally to 45 in the assembly with an effective strength of 58, and helped it to snatch victory from the jaws of the defeat that it had looked resigned to a day before when 42 legislators declared their intent to vote against Tuki. Reportedly The roller-coaster spelt a setback for BJP, which had hoped to use a Congress defeat in the assembly to contain the damage from Wednesday's Supreme Court verdict restoring the Tuki-led government. A Constitution bench had rebuked the governor for over-stepping his mandate ­ the second instance after the apex court had faulted the Modi government over its dealings with an opposition-ruled state. Earlier, the court had struck down the imposition of central rule in Uttarakhand. Also, Congress's success in luring back the Aru nachal rebels was the second time it had prevented the saffron party from poaching its flock. In Uttarakhand, Congress held on to its numbers after 9 rebels left the party. What made it worse was that BJP had kept "chief minister" Pul and the rebels lodged in a five-star hotel for most of the week and paraded a majority before the cameras in a show of triumph -with BJP chief Amit Shah himself present on the first day . The reversal of fortunes was facilitated, sources said, because of the recognition of Congress leadership of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul that a failure in Arunachal would give a fillip to BJP's "Operation North-East". It had earlier refused to change Tuki, defying the demand of a majority of the MLAs. This time, with Tuki in no position to clear the number test, it had simple message for the party and its managers in Itanagar: Form a Congress government irrespective of who heads it. Significantly, Tuki, one of only 3 MLAs who has never left the party , played along. He agreed to step down provided Pul was not chosen as his replacement. Pema Khandu, son of former Congress CM Dorjee Khandu, was chosen as the replacement for Tuki as he had an assured support of 12 MLAs. He played a role in winning over the rest of the rebels backing Pul, leaving the latter with little option but to return home..Senior Congress sources said it was made clear to the rebels that `status quo ante' ordered by the Supreme Court meant they belonged to the party and anyone absent from the legislature party meeting would lose his membership. It was underlined that Speaker Nebam Rabia, who was going to have the final say on the matter, belonged to Congress.

BJP did nothing about Black money. Kaladhan Mukt Bharat and corruption Mukt Bharat and unemployment Mukt Bharat is need of hour .Congress Mukt Bharat? Wrong statement and BJP should stop arrogance .Indian Democracy need both ruling party and opposition party as per constitution. Indian Democracy is technical Majority and not peoples Majority and need to end after the results: Then Elected peoples representative should work for all citizens whether they have voted for him or not. Few get votes and few get seats: All political parties need to understand basics of Indian Politics. It is pertinent to note that majority voters are with opposition parties. Few get votes and few gets seats .Some timeBJP got seats to form the centralgovernment by securing 34 percent vote and 66 percent votes were secured by opposition parties but they failed to get the seats .It is only technical majority and not the peoples majority .First the opposition parties must thank their voters. Both the ruling party and opposition parties have to fulfill their duties as per constitution of India towards welfare of the people.

Kaladhan Mukt Bharat and corruption Mukt Bharat and unemployment Mukt Bharat is need of hour . Kala Dhan: take birth and grow in India corruption is one of the reason for creation of Indian black money.Total computerization and ERP adoption and online government is first step towards making a Corruption-Free Government and Governance .Reportedly Kala Dhan is created by the people who do not pay tax for their earnings and eventually it take birth in India and grow in India . So question of bringing it from outside does not arise and it is alleged that balk money exists in all part of the world. .In India, Black money refers to funds earned on the black market, on which income and other taxes have not been paid. The total amount of black money created in corruption deals is unlimited and quantum is unknown. Effective and credible deterrence is necessary in combination with reforms, transparency, simple processes, elimination of bureaucracy and discretionary regulations. Credible deterrence needs to be cost effective, claims the report. Such deterrence to black money can be achieved by information technology (integration of databases), integration of systems and compliance departments of the Indian government, direct tax administration, adding data mining capabilities, and improving prosecution processes. Time is ripe for political parties taking sincere approach on such issues. The irony is that the politicians and their crony capitalists have the bulk of the black money which they liberally use during the elections when the Election Commission and other bodies remain helpless. The elections in the country have down-graded to battle of money-muscle power.