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by System Administrator - Sunday, 3 July 2016, 12:23 PM

By: M.S.Yatnatti: Editor and Video Journalist Bengaluru: Union Government must give UGC power to punish fake universities promoters. Now it has only power to list the fake universities and UGC is a paper tiger or teeth less tiger. The University Grants Commission has released a State-wise list of universities that it termed as fake. In the notice it stated that, "students and public at large are informed that such 21 self-styled and unrecognized institutions, functioning under the contravention of the UGC Act are declared as fake, and are not entitled to confer any degrees.”According to the list put out by the UGC on its website, six of the fake universities are in Delhi. Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal has one each. Uttar Pradesh topped the list with nine universities.   Only a university established by a Central/State/Provincial Act or an institution deemed to be university under Section 3 of the University Grants Commission Act, 1956 is allowed to call themselves as 'university'.

UGC has de-recognized KSOU as such KSOU Running without recognition is illegal .UGC need to include KSOU in fake university list. KSOU must return Lakhs of Rupees to each collaborator thousands of rupees to each study centers as they have collected affronts fees from thembefore agreements signed by them andcrores to lakhs of students as they have failed to give them UGC recognized degrees and they knowingly signed the agreement without statutes approved by legislature and committed fraud on the nation and students study centers and collaborators (except few reportedly which were connived with KSOU to commit fraud ) .Now if KSOU want to terminate this illegal agreements let them return the affront money collected from students and study centre and collaborators . Reportedly IIMS has replied to the notice issued to IIMS by KSOU through their advocate. KSOU have stated through advocate that IIMS have been called upon to give explanation as why the Memorandum of understanding dated 21-04-2012 entered between IIMSandKSOU should not be terminated failing which KSOUwould proceed in the matter in absence of IIMSexplanation /reply terminate the MOU in accordance with law . IIMS have replied to the advocate of KSOU that "Your client does not know the meaning of law. As per the KSOU Act, 1996, there is no provision for academic collaboration even then it signed the MOU with taking huge money. Without completing the due process, the KSOU approached the Chancellor and got the approval for the four statutes. The university was supposed to place the proposal before the legislature after the chancellor's approval, the process which it has not completed .Hence KSOU entering agreement with collaborators was without any authority of law and fraud inflicted on collaborative institution and students and nation .My answer to your notice is this MOU is signed by KSOU Mysore itself is without any authority of law by taking Rs 6 lakhs from me. I have spent about Rs 20 lakhs to get the printed study material for courses .So KSOU need to refund my money of 26 lakhs with bank interest forth with before terminating this illegal agreement .UGC De-recognition from 2012 is proof of it. The Law department termed the four statutes proposal not legal, valid and justifiable. Further it has stated to KSOU Advocate that "The KSOU HAS caused damage to the reputation of my institution and hence I seek KSOUto tender apology to my institution and pay my institution money of 26 lakhs with bank interest forth with before terminating this illegal agreement or else my institutionwould file a case against KSOU Mysore as per this illegal agreement.My answer to your notice is that my institution reputation is really damaged by KSOU Signing illegal agreement, it was not due to me; my and institution reputation was damaged by KSOU own conduct and unlawful activity which we were not aware of and we came to know of it after UGC De-recognition. It is not me who shouldgive explanation to KSOU but KSOU alone explain and should tender apology to the nation, as IT has allegedly committed fraud against motherland by swindling money of collaborators and cheating the nation and students as perGovernment of Karnataka and UGC and other committees reportand colliding with few big collaborators and running a degree racket instead of doing law full activity. As we were not allowed to function lawfully.”