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by System Administrator - Wednesday, 8 June 2016, 11:36 PM

By : M.S.Yatnatti Editor and Video Journalist Bengaluru : IT companies need to recruit the recruiters and partner with small and effective search firms / recruiting or staffing agencies / recruiting vendors if they want to be super successful.A study by IT expert in recruitment process outsourcingshows that the recruitment industry is going through a crunch of 200 professionals every day. IT companies need to Build the militia for the warfare. Simultaneously, build the army," is the advice of , Lead, HR and Recruiting, experts inIndia, for young HR managers. The `War for Talent is a reality ,and it need tohandle the problem of the growing lacuna in HR talent, particularly recruiters, in the country. It's clear India does not have enough HR horsepower to handle the needs of the IT/ITES (IT-enabled services) industry.These sectors in the country, expected to employ about two million people by 2016, i.e, double the number of people they employ today, will predictably suffer from a severe shortage of competent HR talent soon.According to industry estimates, in the people's business, for every 50-75 person recruited, one HR job gets created. This roughly translates into a demand for 40,000 people skilled in the HR area for the tech sector alone in the next three years.This excludes the needs of other booming sectors such as retail, telecom, textiles and the recruitment industry itself, which needs as many people.A study by ITrecruitment process outsourcing firm, shows that the recruitment industry is going through a crunch of 200 professionals every day.Large organisations are often recruiting in excess of 1,000 people per year and one recruiter can effectively handle 5-20 placements a month. Generally recruiting teams are often as large as 15-20 people, with some organisations having recruiting teams with over 150 people. If you don't have people, you lose billing hours which translates into loss of revenue." Therefore the war for talent is now beginning at source: i.e., hirers are being hired first, both at recruitment divisions of companies and at recruitment firms. The country produces one million graduates every year. With a little bit of training, this pool can be filled easily. Readers can look into List of websites of IT Companies in India at Staffing is dependent completely on the Staffing Partners empanelled. According to industry estimates, the current RPO market is around Rs. 10,000 crore in India with HR companies offering RPO as one of their services.

Be alert as a job scam occurs when someone offers you a fictitious job opportunity, typically through a false website or unsolicited e-mail. The victim is often asked to provide personal information and/or payments to the solicitor. If you get a job offer that seems like it's too good to be true, be sure to do your homework - it probably is. Scammers are beginning to use well-known brands to entice job seekers to apply to their fictitious positions.

It has been observed and reported and alleged that that certain agencies/individuals have been making job offers on behalf of Accenture and other IT comanuies., in exchange for money. Important notice about careers at Accenture is published at Accenture website at .Accenture has not authorized any agency, company or individual to either collect money or arrive on any monetary arrangement in exchange for a job at Accenture. Accenture's criterion for hiring candidates is merit. Any agency, company or individual offering employment with Accenture in exchange for money is misrepresenting their relationship with Accenture, which has not authorized any such action .Accenture reserves the right to initiate police complaints against any individual or entity that is found to be engaging in such an act. Accenture is not obliged or bound to honor any job assurances made through such means, particularly in exchange for money. Accenture has appointed professional recruitment agencies to extend / offer employment to Accenture, subject to those candidates possessing the relevant skills. If you are approached by any entity or individuals who demand money or any other form of compensation in return for a job offer at Accenture - even if they present themselves as representatives or employees of Accenture - please send us the details at now sends out digitally signed offer letters to candidates who are shortlisted to join us. These offer letters contain a unique reference number on the bottom of the first page in the document. A candidate can check the authenticity of the offer letter by visiting the site and providing the required information. For any clarifications, do reach us on