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by System Administrator - Sunday, 29 May 2016, 11:57 PM

By: M.S.Yatnatti: Editor and Video Journalist Bengaluru: The circulars issued by other than Registrar of central university of Karnataka are fake .Let us respect Dr. B.R. Ambedkar .Reportedly a circular issued Dr Shivakauar Deene Central University of Karnataka on 21st April 2016 is fake and based on which false case of atrocity is booked against Dr Priya Narayanan in Naronah Police station on atrocity clauses (though on photo issue atrocity clause cannot be slapped by Police in FIR ) . This is based on the fake Circular issued by Dr. Shivakumar Deene which figured only in the FIR, otherwise it was not circulated to any staff members through appropriate channel as by hand or in email hence was not issued by registrar ofCentral University of Karnataka .Such circular cannot be obeyed by anyone in the University and Dr.Priya Narayanan. has wrote a letter to Registrar ofCentral University of Karnataka stating that she had neither officially nor personally received any official circular as mandated by UGC/MHRD norms form registrar'soffice, with regards to display of the portrait of the National leader Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. She states that as soon as registrar issue the same so that she will display with due respect portrait of Hon' Dr. B.R. Ambedkar in her cabin in Central University of Karnataka. The learned members of the Police Departments have enormous social responsibility and obligation to ensure that the social fiber of social life is not ruined or demolished. . Registrar of central university of Karnataka should write official letter to police and district administration that they cannot arrest Dr.Priya Narayanan on the basis of a fake circular issued by Reportedly Dr Shivakauar Deene.

Reportedly few leaders and Mr Khan national president of AIUPASA have requested MHA MHRD and UGC and CUL executive committee to take action against Dr Shivakauar Deene who has issued circular issued on 21st April 2016 without authority of law stating that in every room ofcentral university of Karnataka portrait of the National leader Dr. B.R. Ambedkar will be kept .This he has done under the agies of external organization and those who oppose Dr Shivakauar Deene they will be booked cases of atrocity on them in police station by the followers of Dr Shivakauar Deene . If the logic of Dr Shivakauar Deene accepted then every community start demanding their leaders portrait be kept in every room of the University will Dr Shivakauar Deene will issue such circulars to accommodate them all. Dr Shivakauar Deene this extreme views needed to be checked and nipped in the bud as this will create law and order problem to every community. . The portrait was nailed and hung in every faculty room of the University during vacation so that there would be very less questions against the act and once if they attempt to remove, his followers with the atrocity case is ready to attack. Reportedly few leaders have requested registrar ofcentral university of Karnataka to issue official circular as mandated by UGC/MHRD norms form registrar'soffice, with regards to display of the portrait of the National leader Dr. B.R. Ambedkar and call for tender and put standard portrait of the National leader Dr. B.R. Ambedkar in central hall of University instead of every room. Reportedly few leaders claim that in India several Universities exists in the name of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar and even there Dr. B.R. Ambedkar photo is not kept hung in every room of the University.

Central University Gulburga under attack VC EC members attacked by hired goons Time to save the University and its image which is under attack. Central University of Karnataka (CUK) and its VC and Registrar and EC Members are threatened by Rowdy elements in Gulburga and they are preventing public servants to discharge their duties. Reportedly Dr Shivakauar Deene has become their leader. Dr Shivakauar Deene should to stop exhibiting the style of functioning in a dictatorial manner either without understanding the statutory provisions, law laid down in a catena of decisions, violating rule of law or in utter ignorance of law of ofcentral university of Karnataka .

Many Universities partners, affiliated colleges and study are facing many number of problems and many of them felt that an organization was needed to fight for justice and equity and hence an organization was formed in the name and style of All India Universities Partners, Affiliated Colleges and Study centre association (AIUPASA) and which will resolve several issues faced by partners and affiliated colleges and study centers to contain corruption complaints in Universities. (AIUPASA) is the voice of and broader platform universities partners, affiliated colleges and study centers in particular and Education professionals in General. ALL INDIA UNIVERSITIES PARTNERS,AFFILIATED COLLEGES AND STUDY CENTER ASSOCIATION (AIUPASA) is a registered Association  promoted by leading Educationists, Academicians ,Philanthropistand media personalities seeking to improve the well being of theEducation professionals in General students in particular through the awareness of educational reforms .AIUPASA wishes to achieve its goal by supporting and disseminating education and quality based knowledge. 

Objectives of The Central University of Karnataka (CUK) : To disseminate and advance knowledge by providing instructional and research facilities in such branches of learning as it may deem fit.To make special provisions for integrated courses in humanities, social sciences, science and technology in its educational programmes. To take appropriate measures for promoting innovations in teaching-learning process and inter- disciplinary studies and research. To educate and train manpower for the development of the country. To establish linkages with industries for the promotion of science and technology; and to pay special attention to the improvement of the social and economic conditions and welfare of the people, their intellectual, academic and cultural development..The Central University of Karnataka (CUK) has been established by an Act of the Parliament (No. 3 of 2009) at Gulbarga, Karnataka. It is one of the 16 new Central Universities established by the Government of India during the UGC XI Plan Period to address to the concerns of 'equity and access' and to increase the access to quality higher education by people in less educationally developed districts which have a Graduate Enrolment Ratio of less than the national average of 11%.The CUK, with its territorial jurisdiction all over Karnataka has been initiated  its activities from the academic year beginning August 2009 in keeping with the philosophy of achieving and maintaining the highest levels of academic excellence, sensitivity to equity and access in enrolment and recruitment and emerging as a premier national educational and research institution in the country.621 acres of land at Kadaganchi Suntanur villages on the Gulbarga-Waghdhari Inter-State Highway in Aland taluka identified by the Karnataka State Government has been handed over to the university, where the work nearing completion and work on various buildings for the first phase of campus development was completed