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UGC is not a failure, need reshaping as National Higher Education Commission

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UGC is not a failure, need reshaping as National Higher Education Commission
by System Administrator - Friday, 22 April 2016, 3:30 AM

By : M.S.Yatnatti: Editor and Video Journalist Bangaluru : India's education system is over regulated. Provide everybody educational opportunity. License permit quota Raj is crushing India's education system. Internet is providing everybody to learn at their own choice and on their own phase and time . Free online courses from world-leading universities: sounds a bit too good to be true, doesn't it? Well, you better start believing, because that's exactly what MOOCs (massive open online courses) are. Students can now get a taste of education at some of the world's top universities without spending a penny, leaving their own home or even going through an application procedure - by taking free online courses offered by an ever-growing selection of institutions.

Too many regulators and Too many boards LIKE UGC AICTE NCTE AMCI DEB and Too many hurdles and Unlimited corruption .Government need to Convert UGC AICTE NCTE AMCI DEB into a single body and Rename it as Higher Education Commission. Indian education system is at cross roads Revolutionize the entire education system and make it simple. Rational thinking is need of the hour .Old norms need to be changed .Modern times are changing .It is generation Gap. Government need rationalized the education system .Government need to make the matter simple as Once Higher Education Commission approves University should give affiliation for five years and within that period let that institution gets NAAC approval and leave students free to join any NAAC accredited institution But every year approval drama need to be stopped. Government need to dismantle the university affiliation system completely; it is an obsolete relic from colonial times License Raj or Inspector Raj.”.Today's generation is more intelligent at 10+2 and life span is less than earlier and make it as new degree level. Why not think of 10+ 2 as Degree and change the curriculums as per appetite of students .Why 10+2+3 or 10+2+4 are olden norms and it is waste of time .About 25 years go in studying and only 25 years remains for work. Let the UGC stop dictatorship and stop threatening stoppage of financial grants and allow Universities to adopt innovation.3 month certificate courses 6 month certificate courses 9 month certificate courses on year certificate course 3 year degree course and 4 year courses . Universities are autonomous bodies and their autonomy need to be protected.

"AIUPASA NATIONAL PRESIDENT MUMTHAZ AHMED KHAN MOBILE NUMBER 0-9916390790 demands Honble HRD Minister Smt Smriti Irani to issue direction to UGC to respect autonomy of Indian Universities and instead of confrontation have conciliatory mode of communication with Universities .Need to Dismantle unlimited corruption that allegedly exists in UGC and virtually UGC officers dictate terms to Universities and colleges while disbursing grants given by Central Government mean for Universities and colleges .UGC and University officers nexus and grants System which is root cause of unlimited corruption in UGC and Universities all over India and revamp UGC Grant systems and Make Inter-University transfers of Professors as all get UGC Scale and seniority at UGC levels and appoint them like IAS/IPS cadres”. "(AIUPASA) is the voice of UNIVERSITIES Partners, Affiliated colleges and Study centers in particular and Education professionals in General. Request is made to join as member of (AIUPASA)and or submit your grievances which you are facing with Universities".

UGC is not a failure .But need renaming and reshaping as National Higher Education Commission to deal with emerging diverse complexities. The former UGC chairperson Hari Gautam and first committee set up by HRD minister Smriti Z Irani to review the working of the University Grants Commission cannot belittle UGC by saying that regulatorhas "failed to fulfill its mandate. UGC has done most commendable job since independence or earlier.UGC can be replaced by another body to deal with emerging diverse complexities that is different issue. The former UGC chairperson Hari Gautam and first committee set up by HRD minister Smriti Z Irani to review the working of the University Grants Commission has stolen the idea of Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee former Prime Minister of India who had recommended setting up of National Higher Education Commission through an act of Parliament. Wherefore claim of this committee that they are the people who are suggesting setting up of National Higher Education Authority first time is nothing but Plagiary. For this HRD Minister Smriti Z Irani should censure them and initiate action on them as this is an insult to Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee former Prime Minister of India.One of the first committee set up by HRD minister Smriti Z Irani to review the working of the University Grants Commission has said that the regulator not only has "failed to fulfill its mandate but also has not been able to deal with emerging diverse complexities. Headed by former UGC chairperson Hari Gautam, the committee has said any "reshaping or restructuring" of UGC "will be a futile" exercise and so will be amending the UGC Act. Therefore, it has recommended setting up of National Higher Education Authority through an act of Parliament. It has also prepared a draft of the bill but said that till the time such a body is set up, HRD ministry can bring about many changes through executive order.

Exam Reforms: Universities must change: Indian Universities must adopt open book examinations system as prevailed in USA and other developed countries as our Universities test memory capacity of students and not the knowledge or wisdom of students.Union Government and UGC need to debate on online education with DEB outsourced labs before finalizing national policy and regulations on distance education . Higher education today is undergoing a radical change, posing new age challenges to universities and NAAC should rise to the challenges and face it head on and solve the issues of standardization of online distance learning. Instead of colleges only Labs needs to be outsourced as computer is class room , computer lab, play ground for online gaming ,library ,research center ,online mentoring ,online chat ,video conferencing and face to face online Online government are possible and run then why not online education with live teachers and outsourced labs online examinations and online evaluation and results and entire management of University with University management systems and UGC can manage it on real time basis on dash board every day and every minute for all Universities and research centers .UGC should formulate new education policy on online education with outsourced Research Labs with Lab Instructors /Teachers and specially trained online professors.Complete digital transformation with outsourced Labs and Excellence in technology that enhances teaching, learning and research and outsourced Labs is present and future of Digital Universities Education..Time is ripe .Educators need to adopt the technologies to impart education. Online education clubbed with outsourced Lab are the future of education .You agree or agree not to agree. This is a reality written on the walls on universities .Entire teaching and learning revolve around minds Getting and sustaining their attention and interest holds the key to success in this tricky process. Teaching and learning can be tech enabled. Smartphone's tablets desktops laptops computers have become class rooms Library laboratories and research centers and playgrounds and virtually become everything..Sakai is a vibrant, international community that collaborates to create technology that enhances teaching, learning and research. Member organizations include large universities and small colleges, K-12 systems, hospitals, government organizations, research societies and political parties. In 2004, four leading U.S. universities, together with Jasig, the parent organization of the uPortal portal framework, began a collaboration to combine and synchronize their assorted learning software into a collection of integrated, open source tools