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by System Administrator - Saturday, 26 March 2016, 1:12 AM

By: M.S.Yatnatti: Editor and Video Journalist Bengaluru: Reportedly and allegedly Leading collaborative institutions Like Algol and others who ran degrees mills in the name of KSOU brought the down fall of KSOU and not just other small issues like territorial jurisdiction. Main issue was running degree mills by leading collaborator which brought down fall of KSOU. . In its order dated June 27, 2013, the UGC had said: "Except providing syllabus and teaching material, the university has no mechanism to monitor the academic standards of teaching imparted at the collaborative centres. The blatant compromise with the standards of education has led to criticism.” According to the UGC, a Central or State university can conduct courses through its own departments, its constituent colleges and or through its affiliated colleges. No university can offer its programmes through franchising arrangement, with private coaching institutions, it stated. However, the KSOU had entered into an understanding with many private institutions for awarding various degrees. VALA the Honble Governor failed to act as chancellor on KSOU former VC KISHNANAN and his officials despite they ran "degree mills” says Khan. "AIUPASA NATIONAL PRESIDENT MUMTHAZ AHMED KHAN” asked the State government and UGC how the Government run University KSOU an instrumentality of the Government, can enter into joint venture agreement with private technical collaborators to run the University. "It is not befitting of State government to relegate the KSOU to this level. How can KSOU lend it's name to several hundred collaborators from north to south India to run the university and degree mill of several hundred courses who have no infrastructure and no teachers and no evaluators and no proper examination infrastructures and consequently running degree mill. Such a thing is not heard in any other university till today. Today, it is the KSOU, and tomorrow, you may do the same for the other government run university. It will only dilute sanctity of the government University and UGC and AICTE .

KSOU is de-recougnised University.Cannot give valid degrees .Let KSOU return the fees' collected from several lakhs students. Pay cash No examination No Evaluation Direct certificate scam from alleged collaborators of KSOU. Prof. D. Shivalingaiah the new VC has lot of things to do in right manners. He is the first VC taking charge ofa de-recognized University .He has to clear the mess created by earlier VC. Question of UGC giving recognition to KSOU is out of question unless the new VC clear the mess. New VC should file an FIR against the former VC and other officers and few north Indian collaborators allegedly who ran the university as a degree mill .It is alleged hat it was cash for degree certificate .Pay cash and get KSOU Certificate .Pay cash No examination No Evaluation Direct certificate. It is alleged that these were not collaborators but these were colluders of a big scam with direct involvement of former VCs who are facing several enquiries from multiple agencies. The collaborators who are innocent and ran as per law were removed by formers VCs allegedly asthey were not allowed to function as they were not paying any bribe to former VC.The few collaborators who allegedly minted more than 1000 crore as per allegations by few prominent personalities are seeking the help of innocent collaborators to cover up their sins .These collaborators who never cared or allowed even to enter KSOU Campus today are seeking their help by forming collaborators association. As these collaborators and officers of KSOU will face today or tomorrow CBI investigation everything about these Pay cash No examination No Evaluation Direct certificate KSOU scam will come out in open domain says an educationexpert.