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by System Administrator - Monday, 7 March 2016, 7:05 AM

By : M.S.Yatnatti: Editor and Video Journalist Bangaluru :The journalist of the future will need to be a multi skilled individual -- but will no longer need to carry around lots of hardware .Reporting live from the scene of breaking news...on an Smartphone is possible and many journalists are using them frequently and many citizen journalist and free lance journalists are also using them and making news reports and reporting brteaking news.The good news for reporters today is that the advent of smart phones has made it possible for them to do part of their job with nothing more than a phone. The bad news is, the practice of "mobile reporting” is still so much in its infancy that there are limited resources and experts out there for guidance .In fact, ask even those who have extensive experience with mobile reporting for best practices tips, and they'll likely tell you that the best approach is individual experimentation "It's like playing a video game -- you want to know how to achieve your goal with every single app.

Reportedly Smartphone journalism, which is barely a decade old, is usually practiced by video journalists (VJs) whose roots go back to 16 mm film days in the '50s and '60s.VJs around the world now have a tool that is far less expensive and far more powerful than the prosumer camcorders their predecessors used from the '80s to the present.Many VJs also shoot video with digital single-lens reflex cameras (DSLRs). But the handwriting is on the wall. Smartphones will not only replace most of the consumer-grade cameras and DSLRs for news work, but they will also supplant professional electronic newsgathering (ENG) cameras as well.A smartphone technological tsunami is now forming that, when it hits full force, will revolutionize video newsgathering with a device not even designed for news photography.There's more than just video capture. Video editing and live reporting apps can be packed inside the phone that fits in a reporter's pocket. That means the death knell is already ringing for fancy editing bays and pricey live trucks.So how does a reporter, who never learned how to shoot and edit news video, create professional-looking news stories with a smartphone? If VJs are going to continue replacing videographers and video editors they need to master their skills.Training is one step toward professionalism. There are video photography books, workshops, online guides and college courses.Another important step is getting control of a camera not designed for ENG. Smartphones are way too light and too hard to grip for professional ENG work. They have no heft and no handles. They need both.A tripod is the best way to stabilize smartphones.  But none has screw holes for tripod mounting. (Most tripods worldwide use the same thread pattern.)  So you'll need a smart tripod mount adapter. Ebay has light-duty brackets for about US$4.VJs should shoot from tripods when they can. But there's often not the time or opportunity for elaborate setups. Most shots end up hand-held.A key accessory for handheld shooting is a smartphone stabilizer rig. (All commercial rigs also have tripod screw holes so you can use them for tripod mount and hand holding.