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by System Administrator - Tuesday, 26 January 2016, 8:13 AM

By: M.S.Yatnatti: Editor and Video Journalist Bengaluru: This Republic Day, extend your support to "Come, study in India”. "Come, innovate in India”, "Come, research in India”, "Come, design products in India”, "Come, Get well in India”. "Come, partner with India”. Make in India would be a great thing if industrial production, in particular labour-intensive manufacturing, could blossom in India along with educate India educate world ensuring quality education for the world. India is Grukul to the world. At the same time Indian companies should also be allowed to grow with their own products and invocations make them in India and sell to the world. The make in India and Package and label it in US should not happen and same product sell it with US label to India itself should not happen. Make in India should not become loot in India and sell to the world .There is needed a re-think on make in India concept.

There is urgent need to plug skill gaps in India by clubbing make in India and study in India both together and there is no need that our students go abroad .what they get in education abroad can be provided in India .Our education sector need to be updated as that of education abroad in UK and US as teachers there teaching are most of them are Indians. Don't you think 'Make In India', launched by Narendra Modi should be extended to the education sector as well? Here is a list of education trends that are followed abroad and should be picked up in India to boost the education sector of the country. Narendra Modi need to add most important sector in his speeches.He should modify his speech add vital points to it like "Come, study in India”. "Come, innovate in India”, "Come, research in India”, "Come, design products in India”, "Come, Get well in India”. "Come, partner with India”. His following speech need to be modified accordingly.

"Let's resolve to steer the country to one destination. We have it in us to move in that direction .Come, make in India”, "Come, manufacture in India”. Sell in any country of the world but manufacture here. We have got skill, talent, discipline, and determination to do something. We want to give the world a favourable opportunity that come here, "Come, Make in India” and we will say to the world, from electrical to electronics, "Come, Make in India”, from automobiles to agro value addition "Come, Make in India”, paper or plastic, "Come, Make in India”, satellite or submarine "Come, Make in India”. Our country is powerful. Come, I am giving you an invitation.”   Narendra Modi. Narendra Modi need not invite the world itself will come to India.

Mr Modi, endearingly, admitted in his speech "I am not a big economist" while urging investors not to think of India only as a big emerging market, but also as a place for production. As he suggests, achieving that requires progress in a host of areas. He spoke of an urgent need for skills development as far too many of India's youngsters are poorly prepared for globally competitive work (though that is a huge mission, since it means fixing a rotten school and university system) and identifying 21 clusters for industrial development. He spelt out how infrastructure would improve (but not where massive capital to fund that will come from). Laudably, he emphasised the need to make India a far easier place to do business by scrapping red-tape and oppressive rules, mentioning a recent meeting he reportedly had had with the World Bank to discuss India's awful ranking--134th--on its annual "ease of doing business" assessment. Mr Modi thinks India should aim to be ranked much higher, quickly, in the top 50 countries.The Launch of the 'Start-Up India' movement on the 16th of January in New Delhi. The event was aimed at to celebrate the entrepreneurship spirit of India's youth and was attended by CEOs and founders of top start-ups from across the country. Refer ..