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by System Administrator - Sunday, 29 November 2015, 3:36 PM

By : M.S.Yatnatti: Editor and Video Journalist Bangaluru : BMTC Management should look into online and social media complaints and take necessary action in the matters and it can just Google it and find the BMTC complaints .we have observed that many volvo buses are generally aggressive on the road .BMTC Management should give training to its conductors on customer behaviors . Saturday at 8 30 PM Volvo bus Number 9551 route 335E conductor slapped and beaten up a senior citizen for no reason . A complaint was lodged with BMTC management. BMTC is considered to be public transport and the income to BMTC is also from the public then why do their employees treat public as their enemies... this is very bad to say that especially lady and senior citizen passengers have to go through such situations in their daily public transports.. I have seen conductors scolding and using bad words to passengers who are not having change. BMTC has introduced a new bus stop between Nagarabhavi Circle and Nayandanahalli cross (Mysore Roard).Route No.500K Volvo Vijayanagar to ITPL plays in this route. But drivers refuse to stop in this new bus stop (Nagarabhavi I stage III block) stating that they have no instructions from BMTC. On request drivers can stop at convenient places bur they do not oblige requests. Few of BMTC Buses drivers and conductors are root cause of traffic problems. Their bad road sense is also many a time create traffic chausses and many times drivers and conductors use filthy language and quarrel with passengers for silly reasons and driver come to support of conductor by stopping the vehicle and beat up the passenger their by creating traffic line up and create problem for safe travel .On BMTC Buses are themselves creators of traffic congestion and every bus need not come to majestic bus station or ITPL.Decentralize BMTC buses routes means divide them and you conquer the traffic woos .Less busses on roads less traffic congestion. The busses plying on ring roads should not come on other roads .The buses coming to ITPL should not go beyond Marthalli bridge or vice versa .With this the traffic congestion can be controlled .Easing Bangalore Traffic - is not a Rocket Science? .If someone wants to check who will win the race on ITPL roads : turtles or rabbits? It appears that the turtles (considering pedestrians as slow walkers) would win the race hands down, leaving the rabbits (motorists) still honking their horns. Bangalore traffic police must seek Solutionsfrom citizens. Of course, this can be perceived as a good way to involve citizens in planning and solving their commutes .What is the leanest traffic period to travel to ITPL from Koramangalaor Majestic or Jyanagar during working days? A) In the morning/ first half of the day B) During the second half (afternoon/ evening), travelling back. How the companies are recruiting its manpower or they are considering where their employees stay or how much far they stay from their working places. Whether employers provide accommodation to their staff within or nearby their working places .ITPL was made with the concept of work play live concept. All SEZ should have accommodation for their staffs within their respective areas .This will ease the traffic .If Infosys and all IT companies provide accommodation to its staff in nearby areas traffic woos will drastically come down in Bangalore.

Few persons travel almost every day to ITPL. Before 8:30 am, 10:30 - 12:30, 14:30 - 17:00, post 21:00 are your best bets, irrespective of route. Marathahalli can get very choked during peak hours (all times I have excluded above). Your best bet from Koramangala would be to hit the ORR, turn right at Marathahalli and follow the signs to ITPL/EPIP. Another option is to take Sarjapura Road until a 4 road intersection and turn left when you see a BPCL bunk on your right (after the intersection) - this will take you past Varthur Kere (Lake). Keep straight after the lake, past some super rumbler strips and turn left at the traffic light to reach ITPL.The need of the hour is to decongest traffic and the solution is to build an exclusive IT corridor for Whitefield, say experts. . It could be short term solution in the form differential office timings for all companies en-route ITPL from Majestic to K.R.Market or Jayanagar or long term It could be an elevated expressway similar to the one on Hosur Road or the Metro Rail line to reach Whitefield that could bring down traffic congestion to an extent. "Whitefield has only one access road that is the old Airport Road which is narrow. It goes straight into Whitefield without any entry or exit roads. The major arterial road that connects this stretch is the Marathahalli Outer Ring Road which connects Sarjapur Road on one side and K.R. Puram road on the other. Kundalahalli Main Road going towards Mahadevpura and ITPL Roads too contribute to the traffic mess,”.1. Driving towards ITPL, you need to cross Marathahalli junction before 8AM. A delay here means a delay at Kundalahalli junction and from Cosmos mall all the way till Graphite junction. If you need to go to ITPL directly, then you can head straight from Kundalahalli junction towards Varthur & then take left to Whitefield all the way till you get a signal, taking left at the signal will take you to ITPL. This route is slightly long but better than going through Brookfields.2. 11 AM till 3:30 PM is a good time even if you opt for Brookfields route 3. From ITPL, either start at 3:30PM or after 8:30PM.

5-6 lakh people use road daily :Anywhere between 5 and 6 lakh people move in and out of Whitefield IT zone every day. The IT belt has over 1,400 companies clustered around Marathahalli and Bellandur junctions near Sarjapura Road and Mahadevpura, ITPL and Hope Farm in Whitefield. On an average, each commuter spends at least 4 hours of travelling on choked Bengaluru roads, which is nearly two months a year! The city with a population of 10 million has 5 million vehicles, which is one vehicle for every two people.