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by System Administrator - Wednesday, 18 November 2015, 11:45 PM

By: M.S.Yatnatti: Editor and Video Journalist Bangaluru: Highly polluted lakes like Bellandur Varthur and Yemlur have tur ned into a breeding ground for Aedes mosquitoes pushing up the incidence of the disease in these areas. It is better to close them . Without catchment areas and down steam farming areas Kere andSmall tanks have become stagnant water bodies and breeding ground for mosquitoes and such urban water bodies need to b e closed and convert them into open grounds and urban forests . Earlier to urbanization every Kere and Tank bund had huge catchment area to provide fresh water and through tank bund water was flowing in down stream providing water for irrigation and drinking purposes .In view of urbnaisation no catchment area exists as it is already converted intobig layoutsand there by Kere and Tank became dried and dried Kere and Tank also were converted into layouts as no water exists there and today government demolishing the buildings in such dried Kere and Tank bund was an illegal exercise ,Government should ask the technical experts to make research on the subject as even live Kere and Tank bund does not have huge catchment area to provide fresh waterthrough tank bund and water is stagnated and stagnated water mixed with sewage water has become breeding ground for mosquitoes and they spread dengu and other diseases to all Bangalore population.

Polluted water bodies spawn dengue according to press reports: Reportedly City doctors say dengue cases have fallen, but not so in areas around polluted lakes. Highly pol luted lakes like Bellandur Varthur and Yemlur have turned into a breeding ground for Aedes mosquitoes pushing up the incidence of the disease in these areas."When I shifted to Bellandur eight years ago, I never imagined I was buying a house next to a major mosquito breeding ground and not a lake" saida resident.The lakeside is used as a dumping ground for passersby, residents and commuters. "Meat shops here also dump their waste into he lake. The rainfall results in garbage spreading all over the place and the next day I hear a child down with viral that is later diagnosed as dengue," added the resident .The closest hospital to the frothing lake is Sakra World Hospital on Outer Ring Road. "In October alone, we received 10-15 cases of dengue and dengue like symptoms. We are admitting at least three patients daily" said Dr Raghu J, Senior Consultant, Internal Medicine, Sakra World Hospital.Dengue has become like common cold here, say residents. The most vulnerable are children followed by senior citizens and pregnant women., a resident of Bellandur, said, "My father is suffering from dengue right now. The amount of waterlogging in our area along with the frothing lake is contributing to this."However, Columbia Asia Hospital, Whitefield, said that dengue cases have not gone up substantially . "With winter setting in, respiratory infections and acute bronchitis are up. But we do get more cases from Bellandur and Varthur side" said Dr Nupur Trivedi, chief of Medical Services, Columbia Asia, Whitefield. Water problem of Bangaluru is solved by Cauvery water and Thippagondanhalli reservoir and right to water is not affected by any one. But right to life is affected as stagnated kere water is risk to health of citizens. Bangalore does not warrant Kere and Tank bund inside urban areas and they need to be closed for healthy Bangalore.

Intellectuals need to debate this issue and stop demolition of already Built Bangaluru on Kere and Tank bund areas.. Save all layouts built on so called tank beds, whether it is BDA or Private Layout. Because in CDP it is residential area. DC Bengaluru Urban district has no power of demolition in planning area of Bengaluru.Stop reckless demolitions in Bangaluru.Find alternative ways to resolve the problems. Government is supreme in policy making. 'If a land fell within the ODP or CDP prepared for Bangalore Metropolitan Planning area the Special Deputy Commissioner, Bangalore, ceases to have any power under Section 95 of the Act, in view of the over-riding effect given to the provisions of the Planning Act by Section 76M thereof over all other laws which includes The Land Revenue 'Act.' If land use is shown as residential or commercial in CDP the building is legalevenit is shown as kere or kere anagala inrevenue map as land use shown in revenue map has no legal sanctity over CDP . Complaint is filedagainst DC Bengaluru Urban district before KSHRCfor demolishing the structures and residential or commercial in sarakki or Banasawadi or elsewhere without following due process of law under Eviction of public premises Act after court orders ( as several court orders high court and supreme court orders states that eviction has to take place after due process of law for those who have settled positions) .It is human right violations as every day in all national dailies news appearing of plights of affected persons as new born were not allowed to fed by their mothers .To obey one order of the court DC cannot disobey other court orders in respect of eviction .Even a rank tress passer has to be evicted after due process of law as per SC orders. Limitation Act is almost forgotten .Many persons have got ownership by adverse possessions .What the authorities were doing for several decades .suddenly you come and demolish like dictator and forgetting that India is democracy .Government cannot be so inhuman and through its people on foot path .It should make some alternative arrangements