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by System Administrator - Friday, 2 October 2015, 11:55 PM

By: M.S.Yatnatti: Editor and Video Journalist Bengaluru: EE BBMP has issued finall demolition orders under KMC Act but AE and AEE has not demolished portion of illegal construction and allowed the illegal construction to proceed the plinth level.BBMP commissioner is requested to take action on AEE .It is reported that in white field the AE and owner of plot brought rowdies to silence the senior citizens against illegal building construction at at No 39 1 Cross 1ST MAIN Prashant Layout White Field Bangalore: 560066, The rowdies brought by AE and owner threatened senior citizens that they will kidnap them and can damage them .Police was called but they did nothing to protect senior citizens.No complaint was registred on the rowdies and the owner . Mr Kannan has complained to BBMP commissioner and written an e-mail to him.This an extract of his e-mail. "It was heartening to read from yesterday's Newspaper that you have decided to crack the whip on illegal constuction and you have empowered the EEs, AEEs and Ward Engineers accordingly.Your Order states that even after issuing Notices to Owners indulging in illegal construction, if it is found that construction is still going on, then strict action will be taken against such Assistant Executive Engineers.It is precisely this failure to take action I would like to bring to your kind attention.There is a multi-storeyed building coming up in the above Plot  in gross violation of construction bye-laws. From its inception, when the excavation started, we, the concerned neighbours have been relentlessly following up with the Whitefield Ward Office. But till today no action has been taken to stop this construction. The building has come up to three floors!Six months ago, to be precise In November 2014, I took your Engineers Mr K. Venkatesh, AEE and Mr. Mallinath, Ward Engineer from Whitefield Ward Office to the Site mentioned above and showed them the building under construction. The necessry setbacks as specified by the law was not given. The deviation under various heads were as much as 70% and more.Further the barricades around the Site was not provided. The entire area has been polluted with dust and construction debris. I am an Asthmatic and 72 years old. My health has deteriorated due to the reckless construction. The approach road to the site has sunk due to the movement of heavily laden trucks carrying construction materils and Excavators.The sanctioned plan is not displayed at site. When I asked for a copy of the approved Building Plan, Mr. Mallinath asked me to come to his office and collect it. I have gone with prior appointment to his office. He is never available in the office. I have gone there several times with or without appointment. Mr. Venkatesh, AEE has been transferred and Mr. Madhsudan has taken over. I have not had the previlege of meeting him. None in the office could tell us for sure, when they will be available. If they are not there, none else can help you with Building Plan or for that matter anything at all, as they are clueless.The BBMP went through the motion of issuing a Notice to the Owner. But the illegal construction continues to this day. On June 22, I managed to bring Mr.Mallinath to the Site. We, the neighbours confronted the Builder one Mr. Reddy about the illegality of the construction in the prescence of Mr. Mallinath. The Builder was defiant and a fracas ensued. He threatened to assault Mr. Ramu, the concerned next door neighbour and  Owner of the house at Plot No.38. As it was snowballing to a fisticuff, I rang up the Whitefield Police Station to send the Hoysala. I further spoke to Mr. Narasimhamurthy, the SHO and the Police Inspector, Whitefield Police Station. By the time, the Constable came, we had all disbursed. We are senior citizens living peacefully in the neighbourhood. This unlawful building has disturbed the peace. It is going to get worse. This is a narrow road. Just imagine the chaos, this illegal building is going to create with parking  and other attendent civic problems.May I appeal to you to stop this unauthorised construction and take stringent action against your employees for dereliction of duty?.”Police commissioner and BBMP commissioner should come to rescue of senior citizens and residents of area”.

AE/AEE is blatantly violating the building bye laws and allowing the illegal construction by taking bribes as alleged by many residents .if they were not taking bribe they would have stopped the illegal construction..Reportedly Residents Prashant Layout White Field are demanding administrator BBMP and New Commissioner of BBMP to suspend The AEE/AE BBMP Mahadevapura Sub-division and initiate action against them for allowing illegal construction unabated after issuing a notice to owner at No 39 1 Cross 1ST MAIN Prashant Layout White Field Bangalore: 560066, which was constructed deviating from the sanctioned plan and without leaving the setbacks the deviation .In front set back was 72 % the deviation and back set back was 59%and left set back was 66% and right set back was 66% deviated from the original plan sanctioned . AEE has found that the owner did construction in gross violation of the sanctioned plan without leaving the setbacks as mandated .A a Stilt (Basement) sanctioned was for 140.72 sq m but owner has constructed 187.70 violating about 33% from the sanctioned plan. The owner was supposed to leave 2.20 front 1.47 at back and 1 meter on sides the set backs but actually he has left only 0.60 meters in gross violation of sanctioned plan. This information was given to me by AEE BBMP Mahadevapura Sub-division in reply to my RTI application. Residents of Prashanta Layout White Field Bangalore told AEE/AE that they will not allow and tolerate any illegal construction in their area and ward .A notice is served by AEE under KMC Act and owner has to comply it and demolish the illegal basement and owner is asked to construct Stilt (Basement) as per sanctioned plan . But even then owner is caring two hoots to the notice issued .As per the BBMP circular AEE are responsible for any illegal constriction happening if any in their jurisdictions. Despite former BBMP commissioner and joint commissioner Mahadevapura Zone and chief engineer BBMP took seriously the reports published in this news paper and my RTI Application and complaints of Residents of Prashanta Layout White Field Bangalore about illegal construction happening at No 39 1 Cross 1ST MAIN Prashanta Layout White Field Bangalore: 560066But AEE/AE failed to stop illegal building construction and they did drama of issuing a notice and then allowed to continue the illegal construction.The AEE BBMP Mahadevapura Sub-division did not demolish building constructed deviating the plan and re allowed to construct it as per sanctioned plan and AEE has instructed to display the sanctioned plan at the site as plan was sectioned by Deputy Director of Town planning in BBMP Mahadevapura Zone but owner has not displayed the plan. Residents are demanding administrator BBMP to suspend and initiate action on The AEE/AE BBMP Mahadevapura Sub-division who haveallowed illegal construction despite every day resiodents have alerted them about deviations and illegal construction .