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by System Administrator - Tuesday, 15 September 2015, 11:31 PM

By : M.S.Yatnatti Editor and Video Journalist Bangaluru : An Act is passed by central government in 2007 for the welfare and extra protection of the senior citizen including palliative care. This Act is called Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act, 2007. Byatarayanapura Police Station Mysore Road have to treat this case gently and carefully and cannot harass the complainant as he is older and elder . He is owning as per the registered documents dated 09-03-1989 and whether opponent take it vertically or horizontally he owns half the property and he need his half property in possession as he is old age and senior citizen need police help before he dies .

I have asked Bangalore police to provide me information and action taken report and copy of FIR in respect of Police Compliant filed Before The Police Inspector & SHO,Byatarayanapura Police Station, Byatarayanapura by C.V.Vasudeva(about 75 years age )against Smt Sreedevi w/o Late B.N.Balaji residing at No 15 Brindavana Opposite Mysore Railway Track Bapujinagar Mysore Road Road Bangalore-560026 Mobile 9008287773for criminal tress pass and committed fraud by collecting and not giving rent in his portion of property belonging to him and for criminal intimidations and removing his tenants and putting her tenants in his portion of property by creating false documents and records and threatening him and his tenants whoever visit there for enquiries . C.V.Vasudeva(about 75 years age )has alleged that Mr B.N.Umashankar residing at No 12/43 Saibaba Road Sanjivini Nagar Mudalpalya Bangalore-560072 Mobile: 9886136002 and 9880564025 is helping Smt Sreedevi w/o Late B.N.Balaji to commit this crime and abetting the crime against him .Request to take action as per law and IPC.HeRequest is made to police to act on his complaint and file an FIR and stop the tress pass .First file an FIR againstSmt Sreedevi w/o Late B.N.Balaji andMr B.N.Umashankar s/o Narayanswamy under section 448468 420 506 and Read with other relevant sections of IPC and then investigate .It is pertinent to note that C.V.Vasudeva(about 75 years age ) owns the half portion of the house buthe is presently staying at rental house with his family at different place fearing criminal activities of his relatives. . It is to be noted that C.V.Vasudeva(about 75 years age )have not taken any money from his in-laws and neither he have sold the property to anybody and his opponanats are spreading false allegations to knock out his property in his old gae .He is old age senuor person need police help .If opponents have any document let them produce and prove it. Without documents it is blatant lie and injustice to C.V.Vasudeva(about 75 years age ) . Original papers were stolen by his in-laws Prasad and others from his house that is the reason he have produced certified copies.

Bangalore, the Pensioners Paradise is the preferred destination after retirement for a growing number of elders. The breakup of joint family system and the emerging new life style are ushering in new needs and problems to senior citizens. Many elders suffer in silence, physical abuse, harassment, financial exploitation and insecurity. It is time society came to the rescue of elders assuring them a life of dignity and security. The sad truth is that Bangalore like most other Indian cities is woefully lacking in exclusive facilities for the redressal of the problems of elders in distress.Most of the problems begin at home. Elders are deprived of their legitimate rights. Children forget their duties and responsibilities. Loneliness or living alone in independent houses, display of wealth and unreliable service providers cause many hardships to elders. They are deprived of self respect and financially exploited. Medical facilities denied, cases of physical and mental abuse, abandonment and desertion have become common.As most of the harassment and exploitation are by close family members who are the only care takers, the suffering elders seldom open their mouth. Cases are not reported for fear of more abuse and other dire consequences.The National Policy for Elders also upholds elders legitimate rights which include staying with family and ensuring protection from abuse and exploitation.The need of the hour is a strong and reliable support system to identify and bring out cases and to provide efficient and lasting solution. Hence the Elders Helpline.This Helpline is a joint effort of people who have long association and experience with elders and their problems. It is the first of its kind in Bangalore and a boon to elders in distress who are above 60 years of age.The expertise and services of the Bangalore City Police and the Nightingales Medical Trust are now readily available under one roof. This unique facility will make Bangalore a better and safer place for elders to live in.Qualified and committed social workers, counselors, dutiful police personnel and service-minded volunteers are on duty. These are services elders can rely on. Above all, services are free and within easy reach.The participation of Bangalore City Police, noted for pro-active policing and social commitment adds extra confidence and reliability to the elders and makes the Elders Helpline structurally more solid and broad based.For Nightingales Medical Trust, a Bangalore based NGO, who have already established a name as providers of quality and need based services to senior citizens, this is yet another step in the right direction to enrich the lives of elders.