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by System Administrator - Monday, 7 September 2015, 1:10 PM

By: M.S.Yatnatti: Editor and Video Journalist Bengaluru: Earn your degree in 48 hours. Get a BBA now and earn an MBA after two years of work experience. Fully recognized! Advertisements like this aredime a dozen in newspapers and magazines, and some of them even offer electronic delivery wherein the degree is delivered by email. A recent research has estimated that the fake degree industry is worth over Rs. 12,000 crores worldwide.  In case of India, the UGC maintains a list of fake universities, but it does not provide you the list of online fakes. THERE is no unanimity on what a degree mill is. No one denies that a 'university' operating from a mailbox service, selling diplomas to anyone, no questions asked, is a mill. But what if there were a requirement of one month of study and a 10-page thesis? Six months of study, 50 pages? Two years of study and 200 pages? Would it be still a fake university? .

The mill-operators most popular tool: The apostille: The Apostille is used to fool people in one country into thinking a fake diploma issued in another country is legitimate. The implications are significant for higher education, immigration systems (visas), and commerce (jobs, promotions, pay raises). The Apostille is simply, an international notarisation, or documentation.Authorities in one location certify that the signature and seal on a public document from another location is an authentic copy. The Apostille Convention makes clear that, '...the effect of an Apostille does not extend to the content of the public document to which it relates.' One can take any document to a local notary service anywhere. The notary compares the signature on the document with the signature on a passport or driver's license, and if they are the same, will stamp and seal the document.The notarised document is then submitted to a national agency which confirms that the original notarized document has a proper seal and signature, then issues the Apostille. At no point does anyone read the document. Apostilles are issued by various agencies: the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in the UK, the Department of State in the US, the Ministry of External Affairs in India, etc., and sometimes by embassies and consulates.Scores of degree mills have used the Apostille process to fool students. They type out a statement that say they are licensed, accredited, approved, and internationally accepted. That statement is locally notarised, then they get the Apostille and say, for instance, 'We are fully accredited and recognized by the government of the United States, as attested in a document signed by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.'

"AIUPASA NATIONAL PRESIDENT MUMTHAZ AHMED KHAN demands investigation into seri which is operating from Delhi the alleged diploma mill . MHRD has allowed fake US diploma to be manufactured in India (Make In India ) by North West Accreditation Commission through seri In India. The Association of Indian Universities (AIU) and MHRD and UGC and DEBshould come out clear on this subject as situation has reached alarming proportions and merit students are not getting admissions in professional colleges and Universities in India and fake diplomas with high grades and marks from North West Accreditation Commission are getting admissions in Indian universities by means of distance learning and regular mode offered by Indian institution in India and claiming accreditation of US fake organization through SERI claiming that It has approval of MHRD .The Seri and North West Accreditation Commissionare reportedly running diploma mill as they are not recognized by which is US government and U.S. Department of Education recognized .TheRecognized Accrediting Organizations as per Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) or the U.S. Department of Education (USDE) or both are listed in and in this North West Accreditation Commission not listed .Means it is reportedly fake accreditation agency . The Association of Indian Universities (AIU) and MHRD and UGC and DEB are mute spectators and allowed these fake boards to operate in India and they are issuing diplomas with high grads on high fees and they are taking admissions in Engineering and Medical colleges and merit students are deprived of their seats in professional colleges as these fake diploma and 9th,10th,11th and 12th From NWAC (Northwest Accreditation Commission are recognized by all colleges as per media reports. SERI ( claims is the accreditation support and services-support arm of NWAC( India and both are not recognized by which is US government and U.S. Department of Education recognized . The face book account for Admission for Secondary and Senior Secondary from the Government Approved Board. Contact for Admissions Gitika 9350532266. Admission open For 9th,10th,11th and 12th From NWAC (Northwest Accreditation Commission).It is an American Board which is approved by AIU and it is valid for any govt job. It is approves by MCI. The Person who Pass out from that board is eligible to take Admission in any Reputed University.