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by System Administrator - Wednesday, 31 December 2014, 1:43 PM

By : M.S.Yatnatti: Editor and Video Journalist Bangalore : Minister of State for Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs Dinesh Gundu Rao had written letter several months back to rectify the mistake committed by earlier commissioner and provide pension benefits to the eligible pensioner and provide a job to his family members no reply has been given by BBMP till today either to minister or the family members .It is alleged that pay bribe and get speaking order or specific directions on the fileotherwise the fate of file in routine and mechanical way are cleared with remarks "Sookta Karmakkagiā€¯and their ends the life of file and it is nothing but murder of the file as after this that file is burnt after a year and antha kriya happens to it .

Sri Lakshminarayana IAS is BBMP's Commissioner must ensure that all pourakarmikas service books are maintained properly as per KCSR and BBMP officers must record pension eligibility in service book once they reach minimum eligibility requirements as per KCSR. Allegations have been leveled against BBMP officers who have not maintained service book of Late Sri Narayana P.K BadgeNo 317 /e asper KCSR and he was working as pourakarmika and became ill and was on unauthorized absence and he was removed from service without compulsorily retiring and without providing pension for his family and without providing compensatory job to his son Harresh though it was requested to BBMP as he had completed 18 years of continuous service on the date of removal for unauthorized absence.He was eligible for pension as per KCSR Rules 218 and 219 .All current papers on a case in a Department shall be arranged in a current file. Every file will consist of two parts viz., (a) 'notes' and (b) 'correspondence' placed in a single jacket. The 'notes' portion will be tagged on to the left hand side of the jacket and the 'correspondence' portion to the right hand side of the jacket. Both 'notes' and 'correspondence' will be filed from bottom upwards, chronologically, so that on opening the file, the latest note and communication are on the top left and top right, respectively. The 'notes' portion of a file shall consist of all nothings done in a Department or in other Departments of the Secretariat, including those recorded by the officers and Ministers and all paragraphs in the notings shall be numbered continuously. Signature and initials appended by the officers or Ministers need not be given any para number. The notes recorded by Minister will be termed and referred to as 'minutes'. The 'correspondence' portion of a file shall contain all communications received from outside and all communications issued from the file including demi-official letters, letters, office memoranda, received from other Secretariat Department(s). Every communication whether receipt or issue, together with its enclosures kept in the 'correspondence', will be given a serial number in red ink in the centre of the top of its first page. The first communication will be marked 'serial no. 1' and the subsequent ones will bear consecutive serial numbers in a single series. Page numbering: Every page in the 'notes' portion of the file will be numbered consecutively from top to bottom as in a book. The page numbers will be given on note sheets at the top corner opposite other than the tag end. Blank intervening pages, if any, should not be numbered, but a line should be drawn diagonally from one corner to another of the blank space.