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by System Administrator - Sunday, 30 August 2015, 11:30 PM

By: M.S.Yatnatti: Editor and Video Journalist Bangaluru : It better Siddaramaih Government nominate 20 corporators who loosed the recent election narrowly in BBMP under section 7(b)(1) of the Karnataka Municipal Corporations Act 1976 to BBMP .These nominated member have no voting power but state government can amend the KMC Act to provide them voting power in near future to make BBMP more powerful tool to administer in proper manner without bothering about stability . The politics is ultimately number game and people are the king maker. Every political party has eyes on numbers .BJP seems to have miscalculated before announcing its victory in recent BBMP elections.

Reportedly after the Congress started exploring options to have its mayor with help from JD (S) and independent corporators, the BJP deputed Union law and justice minister DV Sadananda Gowda to meet Deve Gowda. BJP sources said the leaders realized that even if the party succeeds in ruling the Palike, it faces the risk of losing majority in January 2016, when seven of its MLCs retire. The Congress or JD(S) could then move a no-confidence motion. "It was a clear error of arithmetic by the Bangalore BJP leadership, which did not factor in the retirement of seven members. Even if all the seven independents (one has already extended support to the party) ally with us now, it won't help us in January. BJP don't need the independents, but require support from the 14 JD(S) corporators and that party's legislators and MPs,'' according to press reports The magic figure to form the BBMP council is 128. Reportedly The BJP and Congress are short by two and 7 members respectively.

But another factor which political commentators' and analystsare missing is the state government can nominate 20 corporators to BBMP and this could add strength of Congress in the BBMP council but these nominated members have no voting power and ststae government can make amendments to KMC act and provide nominated members with voting powers .It is suggested that the candidates who lost recent elections with few thousand votes can be nominated to BBMP to make up the required numbers in BBMP for still making BBMP more strong with the help of JD(S) numbers .While Bengalureans desperately want a change for the better,and BJP has already ruled for five years andpoliticians also need change . it's the people's voice that's should not get lost. It would, in turn, result in the common man feeling cheated and questioning the purpose of elections. Bengaluru certainly deserves better politics and change in BBMP as they have seen BJP in five years in BBMP and people want change.

According to reports the Greater Bengaluru City Corporation or BBMP is one of the five largest city municipalities in India. Over 71 lakh people are eligible to vote in the election. The city has a population of over 1 crore and it is adding 5000 new entrants every day.The Greater Bengaluru Municipal Corporation was created in 2007 and the total number of wards went up to 198 after that. Many suburban cities have also been included to BBMP. Since Independence, the Congress has ruled Bengaluru for over 50 years. The opposition Janata Parivar and the BJP together have ruled for 10 years. Bengaluru was considered a bastion of the Congress party for a long time. In the mid 1990s, the BJP made inroads into the city. The JDS led by former Prime Minister H D Deve Gowda is a marginal player but king maker in the city.There are 28 Assembly seats in BBMP limit, of which 13 seats are held by the Congress and 12 by the BJP; three seats are held by the JDS.

It was number game all through the day for political parties including the Congress, the BJP and the JD(S), with different versions doing the rounds on the composition of the electoral college of the BBMP who can elect the mayor.Section seven of the Karnataka Municipal Corporations Act, 1976, defines the constitution of a city corporation and subsequently, the electoral college that can elect the mayor.In the case of the BBMP Council, the Section states that besides the 198 elected corporators, Lok Sabha members and MLAs representing a part, or, whole of the city, and whose constituencies lie within the City, are eligible to vote. Besides, MLCs and Rajya Sabha members who are registered as electors within the City are eligible to vote. The government can nominate as many as 19 members to the BBMP, but they are not eligible to vote.In effect, the strength of the BBMP Council for mayoral polls will be 250. The minimum seats required for a party to get its major elected will now be 126 (50 per cent of the total strength).