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by System Administrator - Tuesday, 4 August 2015, 10:14 AM

By: M.S.Yatnatti: Editor and Video Journalist Bengaluru: "Jo chillata bahut hai, woh sachcha nahin hota (A person who screams a lot is not truthful)," she had told in a a rally earlier .Now According to reports that "Launching a direct attack at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Monday said that the 'Mann ki Baat' man appears to retreat into a 'maun vrat' whenever there is a scandal involving his colleagues."The Prime Minister has been very free with his promises. Yet he seems totally incapable of delivering on them. On the one hand, he never misses an opportunity to claim the moral high ground on transparency, integrity and accountability," said Gandhi, while speaking at the party parliamentary meeting. "On the other he has been conspicuous by his deafening silence on the blatant transgressions by his External Affairs Minister and two of his chief ministers. There are others too in this roll call of dishonor but for the time being we are confining ourselves to these three.

The "mann ki baat" man appears to retreat into a "maun vrat" whenever there is a scandal involving his colleagues," she said. "The current session of Parliament is a relatively short one but it is already proving eventful. It has been eventful for one and only one reason-and that is the gross insensitivity of the Modi Government to public opinion, for its absolute silence on acts of monumental corruption, its wilful violations of the law and gross misdemeanours on the part of its leading lights," she added. The Congress president further tagged the Prime Minister as a 'master re-packager'. "Since we met last, the Modi government has completed its first year in office and already it stands completely exposed. Of course, the Prime Minister has turned out to be a master re-packager, a skilful salesman, a sharp headline grabber and a clever news manager. Not a day passes without some UPA programme being given a new name or a new spin," said Sonia. "We cannot deny the Prime Minister this prerogative. But what is positively deplorable is the shocking cuts in the budgetary allocations for these social sector schemes. That, and not the hijacking of our yojanas and initiatives, is what is most destructive," she said as reported by press.

Let the government be accountable to all citizens. What this government does for Roti Kapda Makan of people of India is the question?. People of India have expectations from this Government .Let those expectations be fulfilled. Acche din are elusive .They have not come even after 20 months of Modi Sarkar. Prices have sky rocketed. Finance are not in control .Employment generation is not happening. Poor has become further poorer .Hopes of life are vanishing. Nothing new has been proposed .After the formation of government it is duty of every citizen to be vigilant and act as opposition party to government and demand transparent government. Let congress and other parties in India function as effective opposition party inside the house and outside house. Indian democracy is different .It cannot sit quite after elections. Voter must have right to recall the party and members .All political parties need to understand basics of Indian Politics. It is pertinent to note that majority voters are with opposition parties but they are divided and BJP was successful in dividing them. But this strategy has failed in recent elections where BJP was not able to win seats in by-elections. Few get votes and few gets seats in view of division of vote's .But the government in power should not forget that it has to govern for all and not for the persons who have voted for them. Government should plan its welfare shemes for all irrespective of the people whoo have voted for them. But BJP got seats to form the central government by securing 31 percent vote and 69 percent votes were secured by opposition parties but they failed to get the seats .It is only technical majority and not the peoples majority .First the opposition parties must thank their voters. Both the ruling party and opposition parties have to fulfill their duties as per constitution of India towards welfare of the people. Every citizen need to act as vigilant opposition leader and demand transparency in the governance.