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by System Administrator - Saturday, 18 July 2015, 1:58 AM

By: M.S.Yatnatti Editor and Video Journalist Bengaluru: Building bye-laws violated in respect of public buildings constructed at international airport .According to alleged reports no adequate public toilets have been provided to visitors . Reportedly International airport authorities need to proved additional toilet facilities to thousands of visitors every day to airport. Two free toilets exists at two at far end of the two sides of visitors area and another paid public toilet at parking area . One has to walk a long distance to reach one of the toilet and by the time he reaches visitor faces heavy pressure on his bladder and affecting the health anf higene of airport area.Airport autoriities shuld look into this problem and solve the issue of visitors and sto insulting the Swachh bharat abhiyan: Clean India mission willremain incomplete without providing social infrastructure by the governments .The governments are obligated to provide public toilets as part of social infrastructure in the city as per the Karnataka Municipal Corporations Act, 1976. Many roads in Bangalore and India have become are notoriously free public toilets. The central government and state government and city corporations and panchayats should come out with a scheme of free public toilets as a city where several lakhs crore people are below poverty line how they are expected to pay you money for urinating in Public toilets by paying one rupee when they cannot pay for their daily food. They will be forced to urinate in public road as they will not have money for their food only.Reportedly "Corruption Ki Gandh” Se Phale Bharath Ko swachh karna hai. As reportedly unlimited corruption exists in garbage disposal and solid waste management in all City Corporations and municipalities on pan India basis. This need to be cleaned on priority basis and then swachh bharath can be accomplished .Rubbish and garbage disposaland solid waste management need integrated approach beyond brooms in hands .Leaders and politician there is no need to take broom in their hands and sweep the nation every such abhiyan is inaugurated or stated . This amount to snatching the brooms from Safai Karamchari and make them jobless or this amounts to at least insulting them that they are not doing their jobs properly. There is need to increase more safai karmchari and give them cleaning machine in their hands. Prime Minister Narendra Modihas stressed the importance of sanitation in almost all his public speeches since his May victory, vowing to make India clean by 2019, to coincide with the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. Roughly half of India's population do not have toilets in their homes, a health and safety problem that Mr Modi has also vowed to fix. Self help is best help in cleaning and sanitation as nation is notoriously careless about rubbish and garbage disposal. Nation do not have solutions to disposal of solid waste .wasted is collected and dumped on heaps creating health hazardous dumps .Cleaning one area and dirting other villages by dumping garbage there in villages.. No recycling industries are promoted .Solid Waste is not converted to manure and supplied to farmers.

Take Bangalore as case study: Bangaluru city used to have 100 wards but today the numbers have gone up to 198 wards. According to data available with the BBMP, for a population of 96.2 lakh, there are about 500 public toilets, out of which only 200 are functional. That means that there is 1 toilet available for every 19,000 people. The Garden City that boasts of being home to the largest number of software companies and engineering colleges unfortunately lacks the basic facilities of having enough toilets .According to reports, the corporators received a sum of Rs5 crore for development of wards.  "The public came to us asking us to build public-toilets and we built 3-4 public toilets in their areas,” said , a corporator. Around 1 crore people reside in Bangalore and the city is visited by over 2 crore people every day. Having said that, corporator said that Bangalore requires at least 25,000 public toilets to suffice the requirement. The Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) has finally woken up to the need for well-maintained toilets across the city. BBMP Commissioner M. Lakshminarayan agreed and said the BBMP would float expression of interest from agencies to maintain the existing toilets.