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by System Administrator - Tuesday, 14 July 2015, 1:22 AM

By : M.S.Yatnatti: Editor and Video Journalist Bengaluru : Police need to act on meter baddi operators throughout state .Police are requested to implement THE KARNATAKA PROHIBITION OF CHARGING EXORBITANT INTEREST ACT 2004 in letter and spirit and avoid recurrence of events like suicide .But what is happening is police though they bok FIR but in connivance with meter baddi operators they file B-Reports acquitting the culprits and this ultimately defeats the spirit of the Act and farmers and victims are left no choice then to suicide.Home minister and his advisors should act on the matters pending in police station. All FIRs are important .Please Handle them with carePolice need to investigate and act on all FIRs filed in Bangalore city..In a city of more than 100 police stations, there are around 15,000 cases in cold storage as FIR filed but no further action and no charge sheets filed. Madiwala police station alone had 3,000 cases pending. This is really upsetting as there was nobody to supervise the disposal of cases that were booked,”. FIR booked but till today no action no arrests and no charge sheet. etc FIR filed against C.K.Mohan Kumar No 278 N Main Road Ist Block 2nd Stage Nagarbhavi Bangalore-560072 but till today no chage sheet is file on him .Many such examples can be given throughout state .Police need o act to stop suicides of citizens and farmrs.

The entrepreneurs and farmers are becoming victims of loan sharks as they target genius minded professionals with exorbitant interest rates and ultimately these loan sharks do their business without license to lending business and in violation of prohibition of exorbitant rate of interest Act and make the life of professionals miserable using all kind of tactics including use rowdies to extract money by threatening. THE KARNATAKA PROHIBITION OF CHARGINGEXORBITANT INTEREST ACT 2004.This is an interesting piece of legislation about which the general public does not have much awareness. The Act has a noble intention of prohibiting the charging of exorbitant interest by financiers and money lenders. An exorbitant interest is an interest at a rate more than what is fixed under section 28 of the Karnataka money lenders Act 1961. This amount to 15 % in case of secured loans and 18% in case of unsecured loans. Hence anybody charging interest more than the above rate is said to charging exorbitant interest. As per the Act whoever charges exorbitant interest on any loan advanced by him shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term of which may extend to 3 years and also with a fine which may extend to Rupees 30,000/- .A debtor may deposit the money due in respect of a loan received by him  from any person together with interest thereon into the court along with the petition to record that amount deposited is in full or part satisfaction of the loan including the interest thereon. The Court may after inquiry, pass order recording the satisfaction of the loan and interest therefore in full or in part as the case may be. The Court may, on a petition filed by the debtor for settlement of loan including the interest therefore, pass an order for the adjustment of the interest, if any, paid by the debtor, over and above the rate of interest fixed by the State Government towards the loan. Where a debtor or any member of his family commits suicide and if it is shown that immediately prior to such suicide the debtor or any member of his family was subjected to molestation by any person, the person who has advanced loan shall, unless the contrary is proved, be deemed to have abetted the commission of such suicide

FIR at Electronics City Police Station againstmeter baddi operatorSri Jetty Ramesh Kumara Babu s/o Raghvaiahwho is operating his illegal activities from Door Number 31 Texity Layout Doddathoguru Village Bangalore-100Mobile Numbers 9535040187 and 9986884523and 9342954803 as per complaint ofS .Veerappa s/o Late Subbarailu NaiduNo 42 1ST Main7TH Cross Vijaya Bank Narmada Colony DoddabanaswadiBangalore: 560042 Mobile Number: 9448048486and 9880641918. Electronics City Police transferred the case to halsur gate police. The Electronics City Police Station booked the FIR 129/14 on 14-04-2014 on serious offences under IPC 420 464 468 34 read with Karnataka prohibition of exorbitant interest Act 2004 U/S 3 and 4 in Electronics City Police Station and after the investigation for almost several months came to conclusion that the crime was committed at Halsur Police station limits and has transferred the case to Halsur police station on 13-09-2014. Now complainant was requesting Halsur Police to conduct investigations and file charge sheet on the culprits But they without any enquiry filed B report .Mr veerappa the victim has challenged B-Report .Commissioner of police shuld ordr for an enquiry and should issue orders for reinvestigating the case as meter bad operator is acquitted without any trial in the court.