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by System Administrator - Friday, 12 June 2015, 11:39 PM

By: M.S.Yatnatti: Editor and Video Journalist Bengaluru : ”Government does one thing for ministers and another thing for Bureaucrats and Police officers .Ex Home Minister was facing FIR and he was accused then chief minister did nothing to Home Minister and Present Home Minster Son is facing FIR and present chief minister has no Problems with home minister But DPAR has problem with Alok Kumar IPS who is neither facing FIR or he is accused with Rajan. DPAR does one thing for Om Prakash another thing with Alok Kumar IPS.Both need to be given equal respect and equal treatment because both are star police officers . Reportedly Om Prakash, IPS DGP&IGP and his son were facing allegations of misuse of their powers in respect of quarry license and Reportedly Om Prakash, IPS DGP&IGP has openly said todepartments concerned are free to take action on him and his son as per law in respect of his son and himself if any wrong is committed and for stating that he is promoted as DGP&IGP and Alok Kumar is suspended for stating that action need to taken as per law in respect of Pari Rajan and actually he made rajan to go to KGF and get arrested . DPAR suspension is discriminatory action and call for scrutiny by Government. There is nothing wrong with Alok Kumar IPS calling sub-inspector of Police .Many ministers and MLAs call police stations if their known people are in problem with police and there is nothing wrong in it. If he has stated to sub-inspector to Act as per law in respect of Pari Rajan what is illegal in this. This act does not warrant any suspension of an IPS officer.As Alok Kumar is neither accused nor arrested in the matter and it is gross violations of the Central Civil Services (Classification, Control and Appeal) Rules, 1965.DPAR should forth with revoke his suspension .Resort to suspension if some body is committed grave mistake or committed irregularity after conducting enquiry and giving him opportunity to explain his conduct.The police has no power to investigate call any body without any FIR and when Alok Kumar IPS name is not there in the FIR as accused calling him for investigation is itself a questionable act says an experts.

Alok Kumar IPS did nothing wrong : It is clearly mentioned in his suspension letter "Whereas, the Director General of Police, Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Special Units & Economic Offences, Bengaluru has reported that the preliminary investigation report reveals that the accused Sri Pari Rajan alias Ralan was in direct contact with Sri Alok Kumar, IPS (KN-94), IGP & Additional Commissioner of Police, West, Bengaluru and when efforts were being made to arrest the accused, Sri Pari Rajan by Sri Prakash, Police Sub Inspector, Excise & Lottery Enforcement, KGF, Sri Alok Kumar, IPS (KN-94) made a phone call to Sri Prakash, Police Sub Inspector on 28.04.2015 between 11:30 AM and 12:00 noon and told him, "take action as per law against the accused. He is known to me. Nothing should be done this way or that way". The CID report further reveals that on 30.04.2015, Sri Alok Kumar, IPS (KN-94) made another call through his office land line informing the Police Sub-Inspector, Excise & Lottery Enforcement, KGF, that "the accused Rajan will come to KGF, do not search for him". The CID report also reveals that as per the evidence collected, the conversation between Sri Alok Kumar, IPS and Sri Prakash, Police Sub-Inspector has been confirmed. Further, the accused Sri Pari Rajan alias Rajan during CID investigation has revealed that on the basis of his acquaintance with Sri Alok Kumar, IPS, he sought assistance when he was in trouble with the Police.”

But the the conclusions made by DPAR are totally wrong and contradictory to each other stated in two para of suspension letter .In the above narration where is proofthat Alok Kumar IPS did helped the acuused Rajan instead he has helped to investigate and arrest the accused lawfully .He has told SI that take action as per law and he had co-operated in investigation by making Rajan to go to KGF and surrender before sun-Inspector and stated to SI that Rajan will come to KGF. For acting as per law and helping investigator nobody can be suspended. Alok Kumar IPS cannot be accused of helping Rajan.IF Alok Kumar IPS had shielded him by protecting him and keeping him away from law enforcement agencies then he could have been accused of crime .He had stated that he had an open and transparent relations with everybody and not only with any single person. Alok Kumar IPS is an open book and anybody can see him as honest officers as per the news reports .During the course of investigation all police officials call rowdy sheeters phone numbers and is DPARis going to suspend all police officials of Karnataka for having links with rowdies?.Many police informers are accused persons and this is essential for police investigation .It is question of police intelligence.Without corroborating evidence you cannot make any body accused just because he is frequent caller to an accused..Many politicians and IAS officers call police officers in favor of many of their friends to deal them with lawfully in police station and ask police not to harass them .Is this type of calling is a crime . Neera Radia case of telephoning all and sundry is closed by CBI for want of corroborating evidence .Does this does not open the eyes of DPAR. DPAR should immediately revoke the suspension of honest officer Mr. Alok Kumar IPS as people are reportedly demanding in their private conversations. Is keeping telephone contact with persons is a crime? (when we will be not knowing everything about him and dealing with him as friend .Does keeping social contact with any person is crime?..if somebody who on some dayturn out to be accused in some criminal case then all people who are in touch with him become accused without any corroborating evidence and you suspend all such people .. It is reported that everybody stated feeling that honest and star IPS officer was suspended and punished without any substanceor corroborating evidencejust on media reports and media trial .

Let us not draw conclusions without getting final reports and court orders .Reportedly Pari Rajan any Bank Balance or Lockers or houses in Bangalore or Fancy cars or even cycle motors . Reportedly he has a house in KGF and always travel by rail and reach Bangalore railway station .He is petty business man and social worker roaming around power corridors and commissioner officesporting associal workerand small business man and marketing his lawful consulting business .Pari Rajan was arrested and reportedly FIR is booked in KGF in respect of Single Digitlottery and now he is under Judicial custody in Prarapna Agrhara Central Jail. When still Pari Rajan himself is an accused and court has not declared him as criminal yet and no investigation is done and charge sheet filed Media trial is under blaze and Media declared him as King Pin even when no pins are arrested or Investigated. No other state has booked any case on Pari Rajan .Reportedly No other cases are pending against him in any police station .His financial dealings and agents have not been identified Still no investigation is done on Pari Rajan .It was presumed by CID that Pari Rajan is king Pin and it is presumed that he has amassed multi -crore wealth and he is King pin and he is big criminal and it was presumed that whoever has been in touch with him on phones is or was a criminal.Reportedly few media persons declared PARI RAJAN as criminal and King Pin without any final Investigation by CID and without arresting any pins andCentral Investigation Department (CID) submitted an interim report without any final investigation on pari rajan completedon the alleged illegal lottery racket scam, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has suspended Additional Commissioner of Police (ACP) Alok Kumar without any opportunity provided to him and suspension is ordered for lawful behavior of officer forstating to sub-inspector of police to do duty as per law .How CID can find fault with an officers for stating to do dutyas per law and for this he isbeing named in the report and prohibiting a government official from discharging his duties for no fault of him .The IPS officer could not have been suspended under All-India Service (Discipline and Appeal) Rules, 1969 without naming him in FIR or making him accused . "The accused Sri Pari Rajan alias Rajan during CID investigation has revealed that on the basis of his acquaintance with Sri Alok Kumar, IPS, he sought assistance when he was in trouble with the Police but the fact remains that Alok Kumar did not say anything illegal ", .It is ridiculous to suspend an officer for stating to act as per Law. As per law if A Government servant who is detained in custody under any law providing for preventive detention or a result of a proceeding either on a criminal charge or for his arrest for debt shall if the period of detention exceeds 48 hours and unless he is already under suspension, be deemed to be under suspension from the date of detention until further orders as contemplated in rule 10 (2) of the Central Civil Services (Classification, Control and Appeal) Rules, 1965. Government servant who is undergoing a sentence of imprisonment shall be also dealt with in the same manner pending decision on the disciplinary action to be taken against him.Reportedly it is stated that Karnataka Police will spare no efforts to maintain Law and Order, Prevent occurrence of crimes and Uphold Human Rights and Democratic Values. Within the organization emphasis would be on Discipline, Team work, Responsibility, Accountability and Recognition.Citizens, Researchers, NGOs, Media and stake holders are invited to interact and offer suggestions to help us to enhance the efficiency of the Police Service. Police in Karnataka were called by various names in different regions. After initiation of Policing, they were initially called Thoti, Talwar, Umbalidhar, Kattubidi, Neeraganti etc. The police primarily with policing used to do other jobs entrusted to them. The foundation of present police set up was laid after the appointment of State's first Inspector General of Police. Today the State Police has grown into a big and complex organization running on modern management principles.”