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by System Administrator - Saturday, 2 November 2019, 3:05 PM

By : M.S.Yatnatti: Editor and Video Journalist Bengaluru : For large companies flexible engagement has emerged as strategy to retain high performing talent .With world becoming networked ,the organization of any size and scale can attract the best talent from across the world . The market rate for freelancers depends on the specific industry. Freelance writers for instance will calculate their hourly rates based on words typed per hour. To get a better understanding of your industry wage, you can check out the by GoogalingFreelance Income Reports 2019 on internet .  It is reported that few market research reports recently surveyed over 23,000 freelancers from numerous industries to determine average hourly wages. While the worldwide average hourly rate charged by freelancers is $21, the rate per industry varies heavily. Freelance web designers earn an average hourly wage of $23 per hour, for example, while language translators earn approximately $17 per hour. It roughly translates Indian rupees 1500/- per hour .Competitors' rates shouldn't necessarily dictate your own; however, understanding the average hourly rates of other freelancers with similar skills, education and experience will ensure that you aren't pricing yourself out of your market (either by charging too much, or too little).Freelancing opportunities are growing rapidly across many industries. Finding work is perhaps single most the toughest part for a freelancer. He has to knock on many doors and spend time, money and energy trying to get work. You can grab freelancing assignments not only in your city or in India but literally in any corner of the world. According to one report , every third user of is from India.The US-based website helps freelancers get assignments and takes a cut when the deal is done . It's a trend that is slowly catching on. A growing number of professionals is junking regular employment to try their hands at freelancing. They are driven by the dream to be independent and work on theirown terms without the straitjacket of a 9-to-5 job. To be fair, freelancing does unshackle the individual from the tyranny of corporate hierarchy. The jobs are everywhere. What you need to do is find the niche that matches your expertise. "Don't go by just the current demand, but also assess how it will shape up in the coming years.It pays to keep yourself abreast of the latest developments in your chosen field. The websites giving freelancing jobs need to be properly researched

In ten years it is complete sea change as technology from servicing enterprises to directly servicing consumers .Smart phones face book Google Amazon etc serving directly consumers .Digital aided learning is not digital disruption but it aids the students learning process .Any amount of digitizing process cannot replace Teacher or Human touch .Any amount of Artificial Intelligence or robots whch can help humans but it cannot replace humans .Any amount of E-Learning cannot eliminate teachers or mentors as e-learning is failure and e-enabled learning is successful as teacher is always center of knowledge and wisdom . Students can benefit from Digital aided learning .Gone are the days when kids learn it the hard way. Schools and other educational institutions alike have adapted to a scientific and smart way of learning their subjects. Being in the age of information, kids today are learning how to make the best use of technology to their advantage. Here are a few smart ways to use the internet in the best possible way . It is a known fact that kids at an impressionable age learn faster with lights and sounds instead of just text. Using Audio-Visual methods to learn help students understand a concept better.Using video and animation strengthens the pictorial memory. This technique is extremely helpful when a new topic is to be introduced. A good blend of videos can precede textual content painting a better picture in the minds of students. The role of internet as a means of finding answers in undeniably pivotal. Though kids can often be sidelined with prolonged use, internet acts a complete encyclopaedia that helps students find answers to any problem under the sun or over it. This can also be linked to the process of self learning as one solved answer often gives rise to a new set of questions and what better way of learning than self learning. This creates positive curiosity in a child's mind which is needed for mental development. Making use of technology kids can use accounting applications to keep a tab on their spending which will make them more responsible adding to their discipline. Technology helps streamline daily activities thus introducing students to self discipline and punctuality.Kids will not have partiality issues if all of them are given orders and commands by a computer aided software instead of the specific math teacher they dislike. Effective use can yield the best from within a student. World on the internet is filled with people from around the globe doing scientific experiments from their basements.There is a whole bank of videos that can be streamed online which explain various concepts through experiments.This allows a student to learn first-hand and reduces the chances of error as a video can be seen as many times as possible. Learning from someone else's mistake in a simulated environment will help teach better and faster. Technology bridges gaps which is its most important as pect. Students now have ac cess to a global classroom where they can learn about things that are empirical all around the globe. This helps them understand and think on a global scale. It nurtures unity and is a key aspect in the global race for world peace.