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by System Administrator - Saturday, 9 May 2015, 4:21 PM

By: M.S.Yatnatti: Editor and Video Journalist Bangaluru: The students have waited for several years to get the marks card from KSOU .Now they may file police compliant against KSOU VC for this blinder .Mumthaz Ahmed Khan National President of ALL INDIA UNIVERSITIES PARTNERS, AFFILIATED COLLEGES AND STUDY CENTER ASSOCIATION (AIUPASA) which is a registered Association (Mobile Number 0-9916390790) is demanding action need to be initiated against the KSOU officers who have failed to provide marks sheets to 223 students of center in Bangalore whose center code is 195. KSOU need to provide them marks sheet to 223 students who did complete their exams in April 2013 . Improvements can be made in technical education through distance education by continuous evaluation but stopping it is retrograde step.India is celebrating Independence Day but unfortunately still Indian higher education is not independent and is under license raj and Inspector raj. Universities courses are independent of AICTE .Delhi University is running BE/BtECH courses without approval of AICTE .University courses does not need approval of AICTE. Higher education today is undergoing a radical change, posing new age challenges to universities. The role of teachers and educators has gone through a metamorphosis as technology and globalization redefine the contours of the world. With access to information -- anywhere, anytime -- knowledge today is no longer restricted to physical classrooms. In fact, the real learning is happening laterally, outside the four walls of schools, colleges and universities. Why this dual standards one for professional bodies and another policy for Universities. Engineering progmmes are offered through AMIE and AMAESI and AMIETE since several decades in India and approved by MHRD. Is MHRD is for promoting distance education or killing distance education?. A new era of online education is dawning India and The LABS are outsourced to study practical's in engineering and science education for distance learning students without sacrificing quality of education. Engineering education through distance learning will make poor students to study engineering without botheration of huge donations /corruption / hurdles of entrance examinations and provide equal opportunity to study engineering and MHRDneed to really commend the efforts of many universitiesin this respect. Why MHRD is shut its eyes ononline engineering education .The MHRDhas been entrusted with the primary responsibility of promoting, coordinating and determining standards in the open and distance education system in the country, then why MHRD iscreating hurdles in way of only Universities which is offering new programmes in engineering education through distance mode in M.Tech and B.Tech education while MHRD isallowing AMIE AMAESI AMIE others only on examination mode without any quality standards .

I have asked PIO of KSOU to provide me reasons under section 4(1) (a) (b) (c) (d) for dealy in issuing marks sheet to 223 students who did complete their exams in April 2013 in Bangalouru center.This information and reasons need to be provided to me as per Guide on RTIto Information Act 2005 published by the Government of India Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions Department of Personnel & Training (available here : on page 12 and Para 9, following is stated: Providing Reasons for Decisions: The public authorities take various administrative and quasi-judicial decisions which affect the interests of certain persons. It is mandatory for the concerned public authority to provide reasons for such decisions to the affected persons. It may be done by using appropriate mode of communication .Attention is also invited towards the thread 'affected person ' under rti act.In fact, it can be said that "Affected" refers back to an action. The"Affected Persons" are the ones who are affected by that action. The reasons need to be given to affected person and copy of that can be given to me under 2 f of RTI Act. The KSOU office is THE PUBLIC AUTHORITY under obligation to provide information "PUBLICLY” under section 4(1) (a) (b) (c) (d).