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by System Administrator - Sunday, 12 April 2015, 10:48 PM

By : M.S.Yatnatti: Editor and Video Journalist Bengaluru :The Kankapur Thasildar did nothing for mutation in RTC for "S NO 217” Gabbadi village despite registration of documents .Several years of applications and RTI applications are not sufficient for mutations in RTC .Corruption unlimited in Thasildars offices? Nothing happens without money? Registered documents from sub-register office submitted even then mutation not done and still sellers name only appears in RTC despite they have sold with registered documents. Revenue ministry in Karnataka has taken note of RTC Mutations not happening legally at offices and now Thasildar is authorized to correct the RTC at Taluka Level Thasildars should do effect immediately mutations as per J-Slip-Sale through registered deed received from sub-registrar office without further loss of time .Once J-Slip-Sale through registered deed received from sub-registrar office Thasildar cannot entertain any objections from anybody because it is registered documents and as per rules Thasildar is duty bound to effect the mutation as per rules. Bhoomi (meaning land) is the project of on-line delivery and management of land records in Karnataka. It provides transparency in land records management with better citizen services and takes discretion away from civil servants at operating levels. But Kankapura Thasildar has not done mutations of several RTC in his Taluka despite He/She got the registered documents from sub-register office at Kankapura .Specially Mutation is not effected despite Thasildar got the registered documents from sub-register office in respect ofS.No 217 Gabbadi Village Harohalli Hobli Kankapura Taluka as per RegisteredDocuments 1) registered sale deed No 612/06-07 Book I Volume 612 pages 1 to 8 dated 27-04-2006(25 Guntas) .2) registered sale deed No 6141/05-06 Book I Volume 6141 pages 1 to 9 dated 27-03-2006(5 Guntas)3) registered sale deed No 209 /06-07 Book I Volume209pages 1 to 9 dated 10-04-2006 (10 Guntas). Once the J-Slip-Sale through registered deed by Thasildar Mutation should happen without any further enquiry as Mutation is a process through which Owner's name or his particulars like liabilities get changed because of registered transactions and on receipt of J-Slip-Sale through registered deed. Registration is done after due verification of ownership of vendor at registeration office and after paying stamp duty to Government at Government rate.

Ministers letters also have no effect on Thasildar . Now criminal cases will to be filed against Thasildars is the only way remained for applicants under section 188 and 166 and 166A of IPC for redressing of their complaints. Mutation is a process through which Owner's name or his particulars like liabilities get changed because of some type of transactions. The type of transaction are: 1. J-Slip-Sale through registered deed.2. Inheritance - Change of Ownership because of death of the Owner.3. Division of Land within the Family. 4. Pledge / Release - Change in liabilities because of loan from bank or repayment to bank.5. Court Decree - Based on the Court Order. 6. Alienation - Conversion of land from agricultural to other purposes.7. Acquisition by Government for Public purpose.8. Grant of Land by Government to Poor People."

The RTC or also called with the pahani is very important document for revenue record. The pahani has all the information for the land owner and other information such as the assessment, water rate, soil type, land, liabilities, tenancy and other important things. The pahani is very important which used to know the geniuses of seller and owner which you want to buy, it is also necessary at the time of sailing the land in the sub-registrar office, to get the loan from the bank or credits, at the time of civil litigation in court and other various personal and official uses. A RTC has all the information such as the survey number of land along with the hissa number, complete land information and area, revenue information, owner's complete details and extents khata details, acquired way of land and various other details.To get the pahani or RTC citizens will have to visit in the nearest pahani centers which have been established by the Karnataka state government revenue department. These centers and pahani facility is available in the thasildar office where after paying Rs. 15 (fifteen rupees) citizens can get the hard copy of pahani for the official uses. In case the taluk office is so far from your location then you can visit to the nearest village accountant office or in the revenue department office where after paying same amount you will be able to get the rtc hard copy.There is no difference between manual and computerized pahani. The online rtc started to make the transparent process between taluk and land owners. The online RTC is easy available which the farmers can get any time and for the manual pahani process it bit hard. The citizens can visit to the center and can get the complete details. Owner's name or his / her particulars like liabilities making changes called mutation.

Revenue Minister Srinivas Prasad has said that the State government has set March 2016 as the deadline for correcting discrepancies which have crept in the 1.61 crore records of Rights, Tenancy and Crops (RTC) in the State. Computerization of the RTCs had not solved the problem and mistakes may have crept in during data entry. "As per the information available with the State government, there are defects in more than 50 per cent of the records,” Mr. Prasad said. Instructions have been issued to set right these defects during Revenue Adalats held in the districts and to reach out to individual houses of farmers.The revenue department did Bhoomi project but still many anomalies are left in computerized RTC .The revenue department of Karnataka state developed software called Bhoomi with the contribution of RTC. The Land (Bhoomi) related to land records management is the country's first e-governance project has been successfully implemented for the benefit of the common man. Under the project each taluk of the Karnataka provided the land record through the kiosks which has been setup in complete state. This bhoomi project has theg main objects:Such as Showing documents of land and property on the demand of public.,For secure information access making possible fingerprints (bio-metrics) proof system.,With using the touch screen kiosks checking the land records documents and mutation status.,Providing any type of amendment on the documents on the first-come, first served bases.,The online system to record land documents.

The bhoomi project made to deliver the transparent land management system for comment peoples. The citizens can avoid going rounds and rounds in the offices to get their property information through the civil servants and they can bet the better services under this project of Karnataka state. The official website of has been made through the technical assistance of national informatics center (NIC) Bangalore and with the coordination of revenue department of state. The online website of bhoomi Karnataka provides the computerized land records for more than 20 millions owners and 6.7 millions farmers. The online website is working to reduce the problem of general public to getting their all types of documents and mutations.

The citizens can submit their online mutation request by the online website and without of official person's help. General public can get the access in the database of the all properties in the state. The citizens can visit to the nearest taluk office which has been established in 177 places of Karnataka state through which they can get the hard copy of their RTC papers through showing their name and plot number. For this service citizens will have to pay Rs. 15 (fifteen rupees) as the service charge in the office. In the taluk office one side the departmental person will work and second computer face will be on the side of person through which he / she can see the process of transactions. All citizens can check the status of their mutation request through the touch screen computer at the kiosks centers. In case any person is not getting the mutation under the 45 days duration or the revenue inspector is not working good to provide it the citizens can submit the complaint or grievance to the other senior person and the department will take legal action against him / her. Citizens are able to view their RTC, mutation extract of property, can check the status of their mutation request, along with the RR5 and RR6.