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by System Administrator - Tuesday, 28 August 2018, 10:45 PM

By : M.S.Yatnatti: Editor and Video Journalist Bengaluru : Reportedly many cars are burning and research need tobe done seriously . This year alone, reportedly more than 14 cases of fire have come to light so far in which many people have lost their lives. Nitin Gadkari Honble Minister for Roads transportis requested to help all the owners of cars which burnt accidentally by design and Manufacturing defect. ThroughoutIndia.. Madan N Miskin was driving the car No KA 05 MF 3299 2008 Hyundai Varna Model which was in immaculate condition and serviced. He was travelling to Belgaum from Bangalore detected smoke and burning smell at Kalambella near Sira Tumkur . Madan N Miskin immediately asked all inmates to get out of the carand he also got down and in minutes fire got engulfed and car was burned to ashes and fire brigade official arrived at spot and extinguished the fire and Madan N Miskin filed an FIR at nearest police station. .Police need to file charge sheet against Hyundai Motors as it is design and Manufacturing defect and whether it is new vehicle or old vehicle it does not make difference when it is design and Manufacturing defect. Car fires prima facie, a short circuit appears to be the cause even then this is design and Manufacturing defect as wiring can have safety fire safety covers which will prevent fireMissing fire prevention system and Fire alarm system itself is design defect .In the wake of several Cars catching fire of all manufacturers Government of India must bring an Act to deal with such manufacturing defects and making them legally responsible, Car Manufacturers like Hyundai Motors need to replace those cars re-recalled and install with necessary safety features to prevent them from going up in flames. That would make for a stronger case against the manufacturers. Missing fire prevention system and Fire alarm system . The company needs to take up several corrective measures and offer cover tool on catalytic converter to prevent the car from catching fire. It needs to install PROPER fuses and cutout in electrical components to avoid short circuits. In cases where the design is acceptable, there may be problems attributed to the manufacturing process of the vehicles. The manufacturer may have created a flaw in the product during the manufacturing process, whether by accident or by negligence.

Did maker's or Manufacturers fault cause cars to go up in flames? : The Indian Foundation of Transport Research & Training (ITFRT) reportedly went into the case and highlighted facts that pointed to a completely different trigger. The facts indicated that the fire was caused by manufacturing defect. IFTRT's investigations, based on the inspection of the car at Mangolpuri police station and conversations with police officers and Monga's relatives, revealed the following: The most robust aggregate of the vehicle -- the engine block along with other materials -- had melted and crumbled beyond recognition. The police FIR, filed by investigating officer Rajbir Singh, was registered under section 304A of IPC (death caused by negligence). However, the postmortem report didn't indicate foul play. The gold kada (bangle) worn by the victim was intact and returned to the victim's family. Family members gave in writing that they didn't suspect any foul play. The car was purchased on March 12, 2012 from Toyota's authorized dealer, Galaxy Toyota, west Delhi. The vehicle was last reported to the authorized service centre on November 8, 2013, after which it had run only 11,941km. The vehicle was all along maintained by the Toyota dealership. This was confirmed by Galaxy Toyota's mechanical head, Ashwini Upadhyaya, indicating that the car had been maintained as per the schedule prescribed by the manufacturer/dealer. No one from Toyota came to inspect the charred vehicle within 24 hours of the accident to ascertain the possible cause of fire. This despite the dealer's mechanical team, led by Upadhyaya, saying the manufacturer would be informed of the case. The car was not fitted with any locally-procured CNG kit -- the usual suspect in cases of sudden blaze. Reports that appeared to suggest faulty wiring or overloaded electrical system did not provide any evidence to support these claims.Prima facie, it appears that the car developed serious overheating and generating contraction. This passed on the load to the wire harness below the dashboard which resulted in the blaze. This can only happen due to serious technical and mechanical defects in the vehicle. On April 21, 2013, a Honda Civic (DL 3CBA 6682), had caught fire as it was being driven through the tunnel at IGI airport around 5.20pm. The sole occupant, the driver, died in the fire. The airport police registered a case of negligence under section 304A of IPC.The car was owned and driven by the manufacturers, Honda Kirloskar Pvt Ltd, hence the possibility of it being fitted with cheap electrical wiring seem remote. IFTRT has sought a special investigation into car fires. Unexplained auto fires leading to loss of lives would be taken seriously in most developed countries. It is time all stakeholders in India's auto industry showed the same degree of seriousness.