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by System Administrator - Wednesday, 1 August 2018, 4:02 AM

By: M.S.Yatnatti: Editor and Video Journalist Bengaluru: AICC team has started studying the situation pan India and prepared the road map of "poll plan for 2019” and team wanted members to give "TAN MAN DHAN " to take party's mission forward and reportedly have a ambitious plan in each seat as per Rahul Gandhi instructions to "Find people who have not voted for congress and develop a plan to win back their trust by accommodating their leaders in cabinet and party posts and make coalition Government to accept AJ Sadashiva commission report and pave way for internal reservation for 'SC Left' . The KPCC leadership in state elections "committed blunder in ticket distribution” giving more seats to SC Right candidates and given only one or two to SC left seats ignoring SC Left potential candidates ignoringlocal block congress presidents ZP Presidents corporations chairman and members and majority of grass root level workers suggestions . In Mudhol SC reserved Constituency without recommendation of local leaders and strong candidate R B Timmpur MLC was denied ticket who had arranged one lakh people rally during Rahul Gandhi Visit to Mudhol during Election campaigns and Ticket was given to a wrong person without recommendation from anybody who was facing allegation of anti-party activity and allegedly was BJP Sympathizer Sri Bandivaddar who was neither SC Left nor SC right belonging to BHOVI community (Touchable) having less than 2000 voters in Mudhol was given ticket .Not only bandivaddar was defeated due to this blunder in Bagalkot District saw another four candidates were defeated because SC Left Leader was denied Ticket and SC left were humiliated and started drifting away from congress and also Siddramaiah Government did not considered AJ Sadasiva Commission report and this humiliated SC Left Community in large .This wrong need to be corrected to bring back SC left Community to congress fold for 2019 elections .

The 'SC Left' is a numerically bigger group than that of 'SC Right' [60 lakh to 40 lakh] Bhovis (Touchables) 20 lakhs and others in Karnataka. . In view of SC right Dr Parmeshwar is made DCM and Sri Priyanka Kharge is made cabinet Minister then Sri R B Timmapur SC Left senior leader can become right choice to fully win confidence of SC Left and request is made to AICC to induct Sri RB Timmapur SC Left Leader in Karnataka Cabinet and appoint office bearers in KPCC and AICC persons belonging to SC Left community to develop their leadership and provide them more percentage of seats in MP constituency to senior and second and third generation leaders in equal proportions to avoid senior leaders quitting the party .Congress party need to nourish senior and second and third generation leaders to keep party and organizations young and energetic in coming years. Congress has leadership and Congress will bounce back with renewed vigor under the leadership of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi in 2019 . K R Venugopal AICC general secretary, in-charge of Karnataka is giving three point agenda spend more time in Karnataka forge unity in the party and regain power in Karnataka .In Karnataka Dalits are number one in population as reported in Media . Congress has power .In Karnataka SC left are deciding factors in many constituencies in Karnataka and reportedly CM and AICC Leaders requested to give Cabinet Berth to Sri RB Timmapur in Karnataka Cabinet headed by Siddramaiah as state is going to general elections in 2019 and SC left are not given proportionate representation as given to SC left right.. AICC president Rahul Gandhi described the dalits as reed ki haddi'' (spine of the Congress) and said they required the escape velocity of Jupiter'' (the speed that an object needs to be travelling to break free of a planet or moon's gravity)to achieve success.Political dynamics changed in the Congress after a media leakon the caste census. The reports said dalits form the largest community in the state with 1.48 crore (Scheduled Castes 1.08 crore and Scheduled Tribes 40.45 lakh) and followed by Muslims (70 lakh), Lingayats (65 lakh), Vokkaligas (60 lakh), Kurubas (45 lakh) and other backward classes (95 lakh). Reportedly The last week marked a significant milestone in the Congress party's run-up to the 2019 General Election campaign as Congress President Rahul Gandhi presided over his first Extended Congress Working Committee (CWC). Right from the Independence struggle, the CWC has always been a unit that sought to give a voice to every citizen of the country. Congress Working Committees in the past have been instrumental in making decisions that helped steer our young democracy in the direction of the ideas of tolerance, respect, and secularism that form the foundation of India. With the new Congress Working Committee, Mr. Gandhi has struck a wonderful balance between senior leaders and young voices of India. The new CWC is a reflection of Congress President Rahul Gandhi's vision for India and it consists of individuals who represent the massive diversity of our country. The CWC's deliberations and actions led our country to achieve Independence from colonial rule. In these difficult times, the new CWC will, yet again, rise up to the occasion and restore the ideals of our Constitution by leading the Congress party to victory next year.