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By : M.S.Yatnatti Editor and Video Journalist Bengaluru : Write resume like a marketing brochure, as a list of benefits to the employer .The biggest mistake that people make when it comes to writing a resume is, 'writing' a resume you often make a list technical achievements and so the resume will actually look like a manual. Instead, they should be writing it like a marketing brochure, as a list of benefits to the buyer. Think about the greatest value-creating experiences, the experiences you might have had working on a team. Use not only action words, but also success-action and active words. For example, 'driving', 'growing', 'leading', are positive, affirmative action words. The best advice on cover letters is to keep them short and to the point. Understand what the employer is looking for. Have your cover letter be specifically targeted to the individual employer , and speak to them in their language. Use their words and values and specific to their job description.

Please note that everyone is not successful and success depends n many factors and parameters.According to start up mentors , there are three primary motivations: One, you see yourself as very good at something and want to do more of it. Two: You see a problem, and you believe you can solve it ingeniously. Three: You see an opportunity to make money. Answer the critical financial question: Who will buy what you intend to sell? Why, and what determines their ability to pay? Do not assume that the market is visible and available. Be prepared to work hard, work long, and work with focus when things go wrong. A successful business can look back and identify the steps it took to get where it stands today. That is the benefit of hindsight. A business must find a way to persist, persevere and plod on. That needs a tremendous amount of positive energy, willingness to learn new things, heightened awareness about the micro and macro view of what is going on and persistent ability to rework. Work from home is most challenging and comes with own set of distractions as you will be living with parents spouse or children's and you need to set boundaries and you need to have ground rules established and you could consider converting your living room or bed room converting it as your work station or you could go for a nearby co working spaces or local coffee shop or community working spaces .Your portfolio is your asset advertise oneself and additionally continuously enhance your skillets by online learning by investing on self learning and armed with this and other primary requirements you can start making money from home but be careful about pitfallsof freelancing.

Upgrading your skills ,knowledge and expertise is the only way to grow .Contracts and payments scope of work charges deadlines advance and payment terms revisions and termination fees point of contact and copy rights and portfolio use need to be predetermined and clarity should exists in contracts and agreements including GST as goods and service tax of 18% is applicable to services .Technologyfreelancers are on a roll who have skill sets into new age technology like data visualization digital marketing and social media specific areas like google digital marketing data science analytics android app development and iOS app development programmes are witnessing a shift towards individuals choosing to be freelancers or entrepreneurs. The market rate for freelancers depends on the specific industry. Freelance writers for instance will calculate their hourly rates based on words typed per hour .To get a better understanding of your industry wage, you can check out theby GoogalingFreelance Income Reports 2016 on internet .It is reported that few market research reports recently surveyed over 23,000 freelancers from numerous industries to determine average hourly wages. While the worldwide average hourly rate charged by freelancers is $21, the rate per industry varies heavily. Freelance web designers earn an average hourly wage of $23 per hour, for example, while language translators earn approximately $17 per hour. It roughly translates Indian rupees 1500/- per hour .Competitors' rates shouldn't necessarily dictate your own; however, understanding the average hourly rates of other freelancers with similar skills, education and experience will ensure that you aren't pricing yourself out of your market (either by charging too much, or too little).Freelancing opportunities are growing rapidly across many industries. Finding work is perhaps single most the toughest part for a freelancer. He has to knock on manydoors and spend time, money and energy trying to get work. You can grab freelancing assignments not only in your city or in India but literally in any corner of the world. According to one report , every third user of is from India.The US-based website helps freelancers get assignments and takes a cut when the deal is done .It's a trend that is slowly catching on. A growing number of professionals is junking regular employment to try their hands at freelancing. They are driven by the dream to be independent and work on theirown terms without the straitjacket of a 9-to-5 job. To be fair, freelancing does unshackle the individual from the tyranny of corporate hierarchy. The jobs are everywhere.

What you need to do is find the niche that matches your expertise. "Don't go by just the current demand, but also assess how it will shape up in the coming years. It pays to keep yourself abreast of the latest developments in your chosen field and keep researching on your business and developments happening.The websites giving freelancing jobs need to be properly researched,,,,,,, are few of them . However, do conduct a background check before you deal with these websites. Ask other freelancers about their experiences and other details. Social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook have changed the definition of networking.

Apart from the money factor, freelancing takes away a lot of your free time. For clients, a freelancer is a vendor they can call 24x7. Don't be surprised if you get calls at 8 am or 9 pm from a client. This is especially true if he is based abroad and is on a different time zone. "If you are working on a project with tight deadlines, you may have to forget your weekends,". For starters, there is no stability of income as in a regular job. As they say, you have to dig a well every day to drink water. You can never be sure about the next project. For those saddled with financial responsibilities, it can lead to a sticky situation if there is a long dry spell on the work front. The other problem is that when you start out, you cannot quote very high rates. Few of freelancing opportunities:Content writing general Rs 1to2 per word and special technical and professional writingRs 5 to 10 .E-Tutoring for lower classes Rs 200 per hour and 600-800 for professional courses .Data analysis 400-800 per hour .Corporate training Rs 5000- to 20,000/ per training session of 4 hours. Website design Rs 20,00/- per website .Freelance recruiter Rs 5000/- t0 20,000/- per placements.Do you have the passion to excel, urge to be creative, a never-ending thirst for knowledge and the desire to grow? Then, Indian ICT companies arethe right place for you because they focus on building a culture of innovation and breakthrough thinking, which results in value creation. The work environment and corporate culture ensures your personal and professional development along with the overall growth of their organizations.