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NWAC - SERI has no mandate to accredit Indian schools and giving certificates without any American studies

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NWAC - SERI has no mandate to accredit Indian schools and giving certificates without any American studies
by System Administrator - Saturday, 14 July 2018, 11:29 PM
By : M.S.Yatnatti Editor and Video Journalist Bengaluru :A prominent news paper in Bengaluru on 25 06 2018 has published news stating validity of American diploma and its validity by education department as told by SERI representative Nickhhill Ramesh. It is pertinent to note that India is no exception as we are a part of the global fraternity. So to extrapolate the concept, if one is asking whether NWAC accredited school is valid acceptable school qualification in India, it is like asking if CBSE is a valid school qualification in USA.But it is invalid to run a international school by CBSE in USA or similarly to run a international school by NWAC accredited school by its alleged partner SERI in India and it's certificates by distance learning in the name of NWAC are nothing but fake degree /Diploma Mills as they do not have UGC MHRD approvals and NWAC in partnership with SERI is illegal and fake promoter's need to be arrested as per education Act.

SERI/NWAC is making fake promises to the students and charging very high fee from the candidates against the useless degree certificates which are merely a piece of paper containing your name and marks. Many failed CBSC candidates are getting certificates from SERI approved schools in India .The certificates are not valid for admission into various universities. Even i have heard that they are issuing the certificates without taking the examination. When a complaint was made to them that the Mewar University is not accepting the Senior Secondary Diploma provided by SERI/NWAC they sent a mail including an affidavit to be sent to them along with all the documents for the refund of fee to the affected person . And after around a month of sending them the affidavit and documents sent by affected person they sent back the documents back to affected person by saying that the admission can not be cancelled now. Beware of these frauds as your diploma certificate provided by SERI/NWAC is useles and allegedly illegal.

AIU cannot give equivalence certificate SERI run Schools in India and education department in India has not approved SERI and SERI is not approved by MHRD, UGC, Government of Education, New Delhi, Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi, National Institute of Open Schooling, New Delhi.Let Education department to investigate the mater and publish correct position in respect of NWAC operating distance learning diploma in India in partnership with SERI without approval of MHRD and UGC.