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By: M.S.Yatnatti: Editor and Video Journalist Bengaluru: Whether it's arranging dinner plans, messaging friends in other countries, or making agreements with colleagues: WhatsApp is an essential part of daily life for many smartphone users. In fact, 'many' might be an understatement - as of February 2016, WhatsApp exceeded the one billion mark for users worldwide. But, while their user figures continue to grow, so too do concerns about WhatsApp's privacy. Since the messenger service was purchased by Facebook, there have been a few notable issues with WhatsApp sharing private user data to its parent company, with Germany notably declaring this data sharing to be illegal. This has led to a lot of concerned users looking for alternatives to Facebook to protect their data privacy and avoid their information being used for targeted advertising. But if you want to stop giving Facebook your information, you'll have to stop using their other services, like WhatsApp and Instagram, as well. So what alternatives to WhatsApp are there to choose from? Here are our top 5. Telegram ViberFreeMessageLINE. The biggest disadvantage of all these WhatsApp alternatives is definitely the comparatively low user rate: even apps like Viber and LINE, both of which have a high user rate, see figures drop drastically when it comes down to users based in the USA. It's not only difficult, but also unappealing to first download and install an app and then try to convince your group of friends to switch to this messenger service. And it's equally frustrating if you're excluded from social or business discussions because the entire company is on WhatsApp and using it to have big group chats. But if security and data protection are important to you, then this shouldn't matter at all: there's no reason not to install multiple instant messenger apps to use WhatsApp as little as possible. And if you have notifications turned on for all of them, you can see who's messaging you on WhatsApp and respond on a different messenger app of your choice. It's worth remembering that the more you use messenger apps that don't store your meta data, or at least store less of it, the harder it is for companies to create a coherent, reliable profile for you. So there's plenty of time to convince friends and colleagues of the benefits of using a more secure messenger app.

At a high level, digital marketing refers to advertising delivered through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. Reportedly with the rise in the internet and digital networks, digital marketing has become an indispensable need for businesses looking to promote themselves. As consumers are turning tech-savvy, entrepreneurs and digitally-enabled companies are building their brand on digital marketing platforms, in the next five years, India will add half a billion more internet users, which will compel most companies to turn to digital channels for promotions to reach out to more number of people.This will lead to a rise in demand for people with digital marketing skills, as a result of which more than 18,00,000 digital marketing jobs will be generated by the end of 2020. This will open new doors for fresh talents with an in-depth knowledge of digital marketing.It is to be noted that everyone has to take the first step, and your first potential step into the digital market space might be an opportunity at the lowest level. Do not hesitate; you can always keep updating yourself on better options through employment sites, and look for alternatives while building up a portfolio and learning while you work.Making a foray into digital marketing can be challenging . Its components, including social media marketing, email marketing, SEO, content, web development, mobile marketing, analytics, AdWords, have its separate rules and operational system. Experts can help you navigate through these different yet connected realms to help you understand the basic concepts well enough to conceptualise, design, and execute online campaigns for different companies with latest online marketing tools. Taking up training and getting certified can help remove the conventional barriers to enter this career.The internet is vast, and digital marketing has to cater to a variety of different channels and media to communicate with potential customers. The digital marketing field, therefore, offers a wide range of career options that you can choose from on the basis of your interest or existing skills. You could choose to be anything from a digital marketing executive, to social media marketing executive to SEO expert or a Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) specialist.In each of these roles, there is a hierarchy based on your skillset, experience, and other factors. Personal branding is one of the tactics to market or showcase one's talent to attract better opportunities to improve one's digital marketing career. Make it a point to exhibit your skills and achievements on your social media networks, especially LinkedIn as it is one of the best professional platforms. Create a winning resume that showcases your competencies, to win over a potential employer.According to press reports unlike some other professions where the basic foundation of required skills does not change over the time, digital marketing is a constantly evolving space. Although the need for skilled and creative people in the field remains unchanged, changing trends mean that the methods and processes utilised can change quickly. If you do not keep yourself updated with the latest industry developments, you are likely to be replaced by someone more clued in. You can keep yourself updated on the latest in digital marketing through online resources such as YouTube channels and blogs.Reportedly knowing the right people can make a huge difference, so it is important to reach out to and build relationships to create a robust network on popular platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc. Companies looking to hire you would like to have evidence in real-time of your ability to deliver a successful digital marketing campaign; thus, you must have some examples of your work easily accessible on social media. So, make it a point to create blogs or vlogs connected to your area of interest and specialisation. It is important to remember that the best brand builders are constantly building and improving their networks, and you should do the same.