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by System Administrator - Sunday, 22 March 2015, 11:40 PM

By: M.S.Yatnatti: Editor and Video Journalist Bangaluru: : Prajashakthi president Mr Nazim Khan and General Secretary Mumtaz Ahmad Khan have demanded Public Instruction Commissioner Mohammad Mohsin to follow the RTE Act in letter and spirit and resolve the problems of poor's faced at Bangalore .As per press reports Non RTE and RTE students are treated differently at schools in treatment and teaching. .

It took 62 long years for independent India to provide universal education to children by enacting the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act 2009. The right to education will be accorded the same legal status as the right to life as provided by Article 21A of the Indian Constitution. This entitles children to have the right to education enforced as a fundamental right. To implement RTE a lot has been done and but still a lot has been left to be done. Prajashakthi an Bangaluru NGO has received several hundred complaints from parents and Guardians of students in respect of RTE bungling against department of public instructions and in particular BEOs appointed by Government of Karnataka, for refusing to allot seats under RTE Act 2009. Parents and Guardians of students are facing several barriers and problems in filling and submitting RTE forms online as before launch of online platform no training was given to all stake holder . Facility has become problematic and and it is neither feasible nor affordable.

RTE is for poor and poor people do not have computer literacy. Department of public instructions should have provided free uploading facility by at various select locations by select agencies. The software itself needs revision and upgrading to mitigate problems faced by parents. Ten problems and barriers are reported about 1. Age limit is not specified correctly 2. Ward change facility is not provided 3. Schools limited?4. Online form upload no agency is provided for free uploading? Govt expects illiterate  to use computers and fill Online forms5. Name corrections facility is not provided 6. Reportedly to scrutinize applications and to allot BEO expects bribe 7.Reortedly School expects money? 8.Schools and department of public instructions troubles parents to go from pillar to post and cancels the allotted seats for silly reasons 9. Reportedly to allot seats the running bribe rate is from 5000 to 50000, apart from that to scrutinize application for final approval the Reportedly BEO panel seeks 10000/- and then school turn they ask 25000/- for books and cloths.10. department of public instruction inform parents to take care of extra curriculum activities, and pay fees for swimming, karate, sports if they needed there children to become national or international players RTE fees is not covered in schools, it's a clear discrimination .

Prajashakthi president Mr Nazim Khan and General SecretaryMumtaz Ahmad Khan have demanded Public Instruction Mohammad Mohsin to provide justice and equity to poor children'sunder RTE and their life safe and feasible under RTE .All parents, requestedPrajashakthi to intervene into the matter and seek justice .