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by System Administrator - Wednesday, 18 March 2015, 1:35 PM

By : M.S.Yatnatti: Editor and Video Journalist Bangaluru : Congress chief Sonia Gandhi was on the war path for the second time in just over a week , leading the entire opposition from Parliament to Rashtrapati Bhavan in a protest march against the land acquisition bill . The Bill to amend the 2013 land acquisition Act is neither pro-farmer nor pro-poor nor pro-Development .It is only pro-looting the India and its resources.

Let Indian industry learn pains of farmers and Annadata. Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Settlement Act was passed in the parliament by UPA with Assistance of BJP in 2013 . Let Indian industry learn to acquire land and face social impact study involving public hearings and approval of 80% of affected and then acquire the land as per the Act and participatory methods are more important.Democracy is better and dictatorship in democracy is unheard off and should not be supported. Let Indian industry learn to acquire land in open market. Anybody can visit real estate portal websites like or or or any other real estate portalseveral thousand lakhs acres of land is available for indusial purposes for sale and purchase. "There was no need of the promulgation of ordinance or special session of parliament to amend the Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Settlement Act,” as social impact study involving public hearings andapproval of 80% of affected would have revealed that for in defense, rural electrification, housing for the poor and industrial corridorsgovernment land is already available and there is no need for fresh acquisition .Railway and defense have excess lands available.. Only few vested interests in industry finds these provisions restrictive and lengthy, civil society groups have said that relaxing such rules will lead to land grabbing in the name of development. Restrictions on buying land, under a law championed by the UPA government, and it cannot be barriers holding up projects worth almost $300 billion .If industry want the land it can buy it in open market as land is available. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is misguided by private and vested lobby to amend the Act as they want to lot and give it to foreign companies in the name of SEZ. And FDI..