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by System Administrator - Monday, 27 November 2017, 8:14 AM

By: M.S.Yatnatti: Editor and Video Journalist Bengaluru: Swachh PDS abhiyan and Swachhelections abhiyan and Swachh politicians abhiyan are equally important as that of Swachh economy abhiyan .India need Reportedly a two judge bench of Supreme Court has asked the Government to speed up trials of politicians. It has asked the Centre to frame a comprehensive scheme by December 13 to set up special courts to deal with the cases of electoral representatives. Way back in March 2014 the court had ruled that criminal trials, especially those dealings with corruption and heinous crimes, involving elected representatives should be completed in a year. According to reports there is no visible progress in this regard.The legislators and lawmakers and rulers are supposed to be the role models for the whole society. To quote it is not only Caesar but his wife also should be above suspicion. Indian lawmakers and politicians have set a very negative example in this respect.According to a investigation report indicates that more than a third of the members of the present Lok Sabha have criminal cases against them. Needless to say the worse is the situation in the case of state legislators. Citizens are forced to say that politics has become not the last but the first resort and the breeding ground of irresponsible politicians and criminals in guise of politicians . This has naturally resulted in the criminalisation of the entire society. Slow pace of justice delivery system has further complicated the problem. Reportedly at present there are about 1581 cases against these "honourable men”. Horribly, some of the cases are related to heinous crimes and even attempts to murder and even murders. Our politics is bereft of honesty, sense of responsibility and fear of God. This is the crux of the complicated problem. Unfortunately the present dispensation has reduced Mahatma Gandhi's example to be followed only for Swachh Bharat (Clean India) and notSwachhpoliticians. We need to get inspiration from his moral teachings and to look into his advice to Congressmen when they were going to form governments in the provincial assemblies of undivided India in 1936. He told the Congressmen that they should follow the golden example of Abu Bakr and Omar, the first two caliphs of Islam, who were embodiments of sincere service to society. They were known for their piety, simplicity, sense of responsibility and justice. They considered the state exchequer to be a holy trust from God to be spent on welfare of common people. Let's hope Supreme Court would pursue the matter with till all criminal politicians are brought to book and the body politic is fully cleaned and make Swachh politicians. The very big question is: will the Supreme Court succeed in its endeavour? of de-criminalization of politics..

There is need to make Swachh PDS abhiyan and for this food vigilance committee is constituted. Reportedly Not paying salaries and allowances leads to suspected corruption and dereliction in duties .Demands have been made to Mr U T Khadar Minister for food to issue government order to pay members of state level food vigilance committee who are public servants salary and allowances and provide sufficient administrative and technical and support staff and provide Government accommodation and government vehicle as equivalent to that of secretary to the Government of Karnataka as these non-official members need to implement NFSA and listen people grievances and solve them and visit every district and monitor the all government schemes under NFSA and this vigilance committee is not a enterprise or public limited company to treat them as commercial directors. Karnataka government has reportedly nominated five non official persons for state level food vigilance committee and four non-officials from zone levels as per the rules and one from NGO totaling 10 members .But these members are reportedly not remunerated and given perks though budgetary provisions are made for it. They should also get equivalent salaries and allowances as that of MLA or secretary to the Government as they get salary. But their counterparts MLAS are paid in some cases three remunerations. All the 21 members continue to function as chairpersons of boards corporations or heads of legislature panels. But, they can't claim multiple remunerations. Henceforth, they will be allowed to claim salary and allowance from any one of these positions," speaker of the legislative assembly K B Koliwad reportedly had said . While a Karnataka MLA draws an average monthly salary of Rs one lakh, heads of boards and corporations, positions which are equivalent to the rank of cabinet minister, are eligible for a pay of around Rs 1.5 lakh.The heads of legislature committees are also eligible for an allowance of around Rs one lakh. A majority of the 21 legislators had allegedly claimed salaries and allowances from two or three positions, sources said.