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by System Administrator - Monday, 2 October 2017, 4:32 PM

By: M.S.Yatnatti: Editor and Video Journalist Bengaluru: There is no one-time solution to many of these road problems. These issues require constant monitoring and engagement between citizens and the authorities. Reportedly when asked for names of specific roads that will be tarred under the present budget, no official could give a clear answer. "Not a single road laid by the BBMP is in accordance with the guidelines of the Indian Road Congress. According to the guidelines, the details of the roads should be put up on both sides of the road during the road construction,”Reportedly 20,000 km of road under BBMP limits, around 2,000 km are arterial and sub-arterial roads. The potholes that were fixed before the rain resurfaced. And the blame game is on between the BBMP, BDA and Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board. Tarring the roads is very essential in any area. In the absence of proper tarring of roads the area residents and other commuters undergo lots of avoidable troubles. Gandhi Nagar comes under Ward number 94 : which includes Seshadripuram, Ramakrishna Layout, Nehru Nagar, VV Giri Colony, Bangalore City, Kempegowda bus Stand, RK Puram, Gandhinagar, Upparpet, Chikpete (P) . Corporator was several time requested by residents to get thetar done the roads after they have been dug since several months .

All roads inGandhi Nagar are waiting to be tarred from many years. When can residents expect the road to be tarred?. There are several people who are affected by this bad road including school going kids. "Roads are in a bad shape despite repeated appeals to the local corporator to asphalt them, The situation is really worst in the rainy season. It is full of mud and people are not able to walk. Women do not feel safe here after sunset, as there are no proper street lights here. The residents have approached civic authorities by sending letters, besides bringing the issue to the attention of the corporator of the area. They have also submitted a memorandum signed by various residents in the locality. School authorities have approached the Minister on this issue. However, nobody has shown any interest in solving the issue so far. Having faced the issues for years together now it feels we do not live in the IT City.

The road is more like a remote village road; may be now days the village roads are better than ours. Reportedly many citizens have seen undamaged roads being re-tarred every now and then at many places in Bangalore and damaged one left out ...So the only question to the civic authorities and public representatives is when we will get our right to a tarred road, proper street lights and proper sewerage system? govt gets a lot in taxes from people living in this ward . Why can't they utilise 10% of it to tar the road. Pregnant and old age woman'scouldn't take an auto as doctor advise to avoid bumpy roads .Residentshad to start back from work at 4 PM so that theycan walk back at home when there is sunlight . There are umpteen dogs and no proper streetlights as well. street lights in Gandhinagar Bangalore in first main and Y Ramachandra road is not working since more than a year and few people i have filed several complaints and posted on internet .that is from sagar theatre to Kanakadas circle and palace road to Kanakadas circle. They have requested for action . It is pure luck that few did not slip on the road during the rains. Not just elders, little kids in the school buses sway from side to side ..I wonder their head might hit the bus .It is pretty dangerous. 70 yrs old slipped and broke his arm due to the slippery nature of the road during rains. Find it very strange that government authorities have done nothing to improve the road in the past decade yet apartments are mushrooming by the day in the area.Why is it so hard to expect basic amenities like roads in a city like bangalore?Why in spite of multiple pleadings the politicians are turning deaf ears? Why are they even elected if they cant take care of such basic amenities? When self volunteered group of people approached ward Corporator during the rains , they were assured by respectable Corporator that road work will start after rain stops and street lighting would be done with immediate effect and all the those promises and assurance proved to be false and just election gimmick. Walking on the road is very difficult. Even two wheeler riding also dangerous as the road is skidding too much. Many humps, water stagnation, no street light & full of mud on the road always a stressful exercise to commute in this road. As we are paying property Tax to BBMP every year, its our right & BBMP's responsibility to provide us the proper road & other basic amenities says residents. All of us should protest against BBMP & politicians to get theseroad tarredas early as possible.

Chain snaching has become rampant at the unmanned level crossing opposite RV College need to be removed on priority and provide manned level crossing as daily thousands of people cross it without caring to their lives and they are helpless. This unmanned LC is going to be Feeder to Metro station coming at RV College .Immediate provision of level crossing is the priority asMetro station is coming at RV College .It is now very important that GB Layout people need to be given direct access to Mysore Road by providing Railway Under Bridge FOR LMV and pedestrians opposite RV College or Road over Bridge or at least a manned level crossing .The president KM Siddramu and his executive committee members of III block GB Layout resident welfare association who have made several rounds to BBMP head officeJC office MLA and MP Offices to get their grievances redressed by BBMP officers but till today no action is taken on their major demand despite MLA MP Local corporator recommended RUB.. Their major demand is Railway Under Bridge FOR LMV and pedestrians opposite RV College .Land is already acquired by BDA and approach road exists on both side .They want a simple magic box railway under bridge which can be constructed in just few days time and without much expenditure and it will solve 15 years demand .They also welcome a fly over being planned at LC 10 but it will be of no help to III block residents and it might take 10 years to complete. Thrust is on for construction of rail over bridge, rail under bridge and manning the unmanned level crossings to prevent accidents. The authorities will have to take up this challenge of elimination of level crossings to save time, energy & ensure safety of road users. It is reported that such Construction of light vehicular and pedestrian crossing( RUB)at Lingarajapuram Railwaycrossing is completed with approach roads on both sides of railway track at the cost of 333 lakhs. Heavy traffic delay and economic loss at LC 10level crossings is reported . Data on traffic classification and volume, frequencyand duration of closure of level crossing gates,number of vehicles and the delay caused by closure of gates for all type of vehicles, pedestrian countand spot speed surveyifcollected under the study it will show that GB layout people are worst affected and even people cannot reach in time to hospitals because of gate closer and lives of the people are in danger.