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by System Administrator - Saturday, 13 December 2014, 4:02 PM

By: M.S.Yatnatti: Editor and Video Journalist Bangaluru : Students of EFLU are naturally got the advantage which many other students do not as English language is international language of communication and business . EFLU English and Foreign Languages University need to focus specifically on imparting written and spoken English and soft skills to youth to enhance their employability .EFLU should plan to partner with the British Council as its knowledge partner, Times of India as its media partner under its teach India programme and need to implement the initiative through a network of NGOs as partner and with an army of volunteers selected from IT giants and as soft skills are very important as employees are hired for their skills and fired for their bad behaviors .

In this respect I appreciate times of India "Teach India” programme. Reportedly an editorial on the day of Times of India the launch put it, "Education is modern India's greatest leveller and its redemption. It is the tide that lifts every boat. We are all prisoners of birth, but education has the power to snap the meanest bonds of economic and social enslavement. It is the route out of the caste ghetto, the path out of the slum, the road to the high table." In 2010, Teach India decided to focus specifically on imparting spoken English skills to underprivileged youth to enhance their employability .With the British Council as its knowledge partner, the initiative is implemented through a network of partner NGOs and an army of volunteers. In the four years since it was launched with a new, more sharply defined focus, the programme has achieved more than the times of india had dared to hope for.A l r e a d y, 30,000 students have passed out of the programme. That's 30,000 young adults whose lives have been changed for the better. Thanks to over 150 partner NGOs and more than 2,000 volunteers, these students are now an employable work force. The programme does not end with training the learners in spoken English. Through its zone-wise job fairs, it also facilitates suitable employment opportunities for them at the end of each cycle. These are inspiring accounts of how the ability to speak the international language of communication and business made a difference to the lives of youngsters. These are also stories of those who took time out to educate and empower those who wanted to change their lives.

Chinese are leaning English language .English language is business language of the world and has become essence of international business. English language is international language of communication and business .The English and Foreign Languages University can be cradle to all Universities and students of EFLU should feel proud of this University and engage only in educating themselves and follow discipline and achieve the goals of life. Five years of good students life 55 years of peaceful life ahead otherwise students loose the opportunity .Each student's ability to learn and gain the best possible rewards from his/her University Campus experience depends upon an environment which is conducive to learning and to activities which are consistent with the objectives of an academic institution . The English and Foreign Languages University has taught the great lessons to discipline the students as these days' schools and colleges and Universities have now become hot beds of indiscipline. The few students who do not behave as students not at interested do work for their studies spoils the career of 99% students career .They are never serious in the classroom .They come to class without text books, don't let the other students study .They make fun of teachers ,tease them and moreover they have no respect for the teachers .They have only one aim :it is to pass in examinations by fail or foul means or mass-scale copying in examinations has become very common at few Universities .It has contributed more to the indiscipline .Few modern students are strike-mongers .They indulge in acts of indiscipline and violence. They look forward to baseless excuses just to create indiscipline. They create problems and in the name of solving problems they waste their valuable time in use less agitations."The EFLU has a policy of 'zero tolerance' to any kind of illegal or unlawful activities that threaten the peace and harmony of the campus,” EFLU has clear policy on students responsibilities and it has not tolerated crimes in the campus and took action mercilessly on the perpetrators of the crime on campus .