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by System Administrator - Friday, 5 December 2014, 1:02 AM

By: M.S.Yatnatti Editor and Video Journalist Bangaluru: He is prime minister for 1.20 billion people of India and he need to do good for all and welfare of all and development for all. Irrespective of the people who voted for BJP. Ab Ki Baar Modi Sarkaar and now "Modi Sarkaar Sabki Sarkaar” should be the new slogan otherwise it will become "Modi Sarkaar Bekar Sarkaar”. Somebody reminds or not Modi has made promises to nation and he has to fulfill it .Let NDA government compile its promises and fulfill it without fail. It should not give any opportunity to congress to remind about promises made.NDA Government can solve all economic problems of nation .But they are not doing anything tangible .Still people believe that something magical will be done by PM Modi but unfortunately he is only busy in speeches. But People of India were promised many things by Modi but they are fading away after nothing is been done to fulfill them .His minister are busy in futile debates of Ha-Ram and Ram Zade. Busy in dividing nation on religion .Modi has made promises to nation and he has to fulfill it .Let modi do not worry about The Congress booklet, titled "Ab ki baar, U-turn sarkar”, on the key policy issues aims at exposing the Modi government, which came to power in May riding on the promise of radical changes in the way the country was being run. But modi need to worry about the U-turn he made to people of India and youth of India. The Congress reportedly accused the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government of making repeated U-turns during the six months it has been in power. Congress general secretary released a booklet listing 25 U-turns that the party said the government had made vis-a-vis the stand the BJP took when it was in the opposition. "This government has made 25 U-turns in the last around 180 days. That's an average of one U-turn every seven to eight days,” said Congress general secretary .Is BJP had fooled the people with the sole intention of coming to power? Only time will tell.

Instead of all efforts are only based on to win the elections and not heart and minds of all people. Ab Ki Baar Modi Sarkaar and now "Modi Sarkaar Sabki Sarkaar” should be the new slogan after election results and formation of Union Government..India is biggest democracy in the world and has multiparty election system. Our election is based on secret ballot system and based on multiparty systems .For one seat many parties and independent candidates contest election and the one who gets highest will get elected .It is all about master planning to win the seats .Every seat winning needsdifferent strategy.As reported in news papers many parties got votes and did not get seats.